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A Creative Life — Finding the Passion Again.

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This post is LOOOOONNNNNGGGG overdue! I know I've been not as active on social media lately as in the past. Well today it all gets explained! I've been going through some changes and transitions both personally and professionally. So here we are, the day I spill the beans. (it's really not that dramatic...but I am a Leo after all!)

Last year was a challenging year for me, not because it was the last year of my 30s, but because as I've grown and matured in my life, I was beginning to realize my life didn't fit anymore. What does that mean you ask? Yea- good question. It took me months to figure it out myself.

As I slowly approach 40, I found myself questioning...everything. How did I get here, what was the path, where did the time go...you know all those midlife questions. Now don't get me wrong, by no means do I feel that 40 is OLD, or my life if over. But I do find myself remembering things in my life, that I feel like were yesterday — then I realize — those memories from yesterday, were really 10, 15 even 20 years ago.  Where did all that time go? I don't feel old enough to have 20 year old friendships and stories. And I know this is laughable to all of you 20 years older than me..

I've had some friends turn 40- and loose it. I mean. . . LOOSE IT, implode their lives. Like, leave their families, cheat on their wives/husbands, leave their own birthday celebrations in "40 year old panic". And all this last year of being 39- I kept thinking, what is the big deal- who cares you are only as young as you feel, and blah blah blah.

And then, as I sit here enjoying the last few months of my 30s- I realize I did have my own way of "loosing it." And it began 6 months ago.  I began to feel uncomfortable in my own skin,  In my drive for success, I forgot who I was and what was really important in life.  I had abandoned and forgotten some of the things I loved about life, and about myself. It wasn't conscious, it wasn't deliberate, but it happened. Slowly, day by day, without me even realizing it, it became about acquiring stuff instead of living. Until suddenly, one day I suffocating. 

Then as I really started to evaluate myself and my life, and all the experiences that brought me here, then suddenly- just like that... CLARITY. (and let me just say this didn't happen on it's own - some wonderful friends, colleagues and mentors of my life dropped little seeds of wisdom and knowledge to me along the way.. which Is what led to the clarity...it takes a village people...we don't grown on our own, we pick up knowledge and experiences from those around us that push us closer to the sun.) Usually the signs are always there leading us in the right direction if we choose to see them. 

From this point on, I will longer waste energy and time on those who don't do the same for me. I will no longer let my life energy be sucked out by the "Takers" in life, I will no longer put "living" aside for work. I will live in balance and will enjoy life for what it is...a series of moments that are best experienced without expectation.

You may have seen my announcement earlier this year, that I would no longer be designing and producing stationery. Well, now I can tell you what I've been doing. And this will probably come as NO surprise to those who know me well. I have gone back to my roots of illustration and book layout and design.  Early in my career, I worked in publishing and loved it.  I never really made a decision to stop doing this, but slowly overtime my career and life choices led me away from it. 

As I started to feel restless in my life/business, opportunities arose for me to dip my foot back into the publishing world. And yes, I heard Angels singing.. HA! No seriously, the more I illustrate and design book covers and interiors, the more excited and passionate I become. One thing I've learned about having a business is it's a marathon, not a sprint. And all good runners know, sometimes you have to change course to win the race. And whatever you do, as long as you do it with joy, I considerate it winning!

So if you haven't gotten bored yet with the rhetoric, here's the meat and potatoes of it.  After a decline in my stationery business due to sites such as etsy, and the like. And the fact that I just didn't feel the love and passion that once I felt for events- so I decided to turn things upside down! To transition from stationery to focus more on my branding division 2u Creative and move into illustration and publishing work.

Let this be a lesson to us all, you can have a mid--life freak out, without being destructive to your life. LOL :)

Check out below some of the work I've been doing lately below, and stay tuned I will soon be offering templates and custom book cover and interior design for authors, as well as packages of everything they need to promote and sell their book. I've been working on illustrations for children's k-5 English and Science Books, as well as interior design an layout of the books, you can see some of both of that work below!

In addition to the change in direction my design career will take, I will also be blogging on a regular basis and it will no longer be about events and stationery. It will be about life in general, my experiences, my struggles and yes...sometimes my polarizing opinions! Everything I'm interested in (reading, cooking, gardening), as well the uncomfortable things in life that push us forward (politics, philosophy, etc).

Follow me, Read me, and join me on all the moments that make up life.

Social Media: Are you Sharing too much?

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image purchased at  istockphoto.com

image purchased at istockphoto.com

In today's world, we are more increasingly living in a space where everything about our lives is made public. There was once a time in our history when paper and printing were such rare commodities, that in society we were more discriminate in what words were actually put out there for public consumption. Writings, statements, etc were scrutinized-- is this information important enough to share with the masses-- do we use our rare resources to convey "this message" (whatever it may be), or should we further think it through to make sure "this message" is worthy of the use of rare resources, and the time involved to produce it for the masses. As our society changes and grows and as our technology evolves, this idea is becoming lost.

These days, with social media, internet news sources, mobile devices, etc. it seems this idea has become lost all together, which is what prompted me to write this post. Are we sharing too much information these days- and are we sometimes spreading misinformation, because we don't spend the proper time verifying and vetting the information we do put out there.  Has social media and the internet made it so we don't take responsibility for our words? Should we use "free speech" as a crutch to post any message we want for the world to see? Shouldn't we have a social responsibility to make sure the words we put out in the world are accurate and true? Journalist are held to this standard, why aren't the rest of us. A Journalist can't write whatever they want about any topic or person without consequences. They have to work within ethical guidelines, because they can be held responsible for their words - due to libel and slander laws. 

As a marketing professional and designer I am often asked to manage my clients social media forums. And as a business owner myself with my own social life I've come to the conclusion that although we shouldn't be judged based on what we choose to do with our social lives and social media there's no controlling that we still are. Business professionals especially should be even more careful when it comes to what they post on their social media outlets. Although we do live in a society where we are free to speak our minds that doesn't necessarily mean we always should. Sometimes posting your opinion on something will cause people to judge you unfairly or jump to conclusions about the "underlying message" you are conveying.

Yes, we live in a wonderful time where we do have free speech and we can speak our minds, but should we always? This is something each of us has to decide for ourselves. But here are some things to keep in mind. You don't want to alienate a future employer, college admissions, client, friend, in-law etc. because they have inferred "what you mean" by a statement, photo, video, etc that you have shared with the world. Should we be able to post whatever we want with no judgement? Yes. But unfortunately in the world we live in today, it's just not that simple. The FACT IS, YOU ARE JUDGED ON WHAT YOU POST.

It is endless what you can share on social media for the world to see, but before you do you should think about the possible consequences. Posts and photos regarding....

1. Posting Digs, Jokes, or Statements "meant to be funny"

When you post something vague on your blog, twitter, Facebook, myspace, etc there is no TONE.  Sometimes you may write something that you think is funny- but could offend others. And since there is no voice inflection, or mischievous glint in your eye, the audience may have no idea that you were trying to be funny or make a joke. This recently has become an issue in the Tyler Clementi trial as well as in schools where students are being bullied via electronic means.  REMEMBER: the people reading your posts are not in your head. You may think you are being harmless with your posts, but they may be harmful and hurtful to others. 

2. Partying too hard. Posting the innappropriate.

It is great to have fun with your friends, and post pics of these escapades. But think about what is appopriate not for the NOW, but for your future. Do you want to become very successful in your career to only have your past come back and haunt you? This happens all the time, especially in politics. For Example: Bill Clinton.. "I didn't inhale." Would he have been elected if there was video of him on Facebook actually inhaling? Who knows, but do you want to go to a job interview and NOT get the job because 5 years ago a friend of your posted a pic of you on the internet "praying to the porcelain god?"  It was funny at the time, right?

3. Getting too emotional...do you post TMI?

Do you post your life's ups and downs? When you are fighting with a friend, boyfriend, co-worker etc. Do you intentionally post things to "get a rise from them"? Do you share your intimate moments on a public forum. If you do, that is your choice, but remember YOU ARE BEING JUDGED. Have you lost out on potential clients, job opportunities, etc because you are viewed as Volatile or Emotionally unstable? You probably don't think you are viewed this way. But if you post all of your Personal Ups and Downs- then someone out there probably views you as an "emotional mess". Believe it or not this translates, and if a potential employer thinks this of you, they start to think, do I want to hire this person— will their dramatic emotional moments affect their ability to do their job. Should they make a decision about you based only on your merits, and not what you put out there? YES-- but is this how it works? NO! What you post is a reflection of your character, and colleges and business owners have started checking Facebook and social media to see what kind of character you have. So be careful what and how you post. 

4. Venting about co-workers and clients....

This is a huge NO NO.. People have been fired for venting about their boss or place of employment on Facebook. It is never smart to post negative things relating to your job, employer, vendors, co-workers, friends, acquaintances etc. This is a bell you can't un-ring! Public forums ARE NOT the place for venting about people in your life.  Call a friend, get a cocktail and vent.  Or better yet, sit face to face with the person you have a problem with and work it out! We all need to vent sometimes, but posting things in the heat of frustration and anger, only leads to REGRET. And once it's out there you can't take it back! Yes, you can delete it, but you can never delete it from the mind of those who read it before you do.

5. Professing your political and religious views.....

We are lucky to live in a society where we have freedom in these areas. But always be aware, these types of posts can be hot-button issues for lots of people, so be careful what you post. You may have potential clients and/or opportunities with people that have very different views. This is what makes America great, everyone has the right to their own opinion. Remember though, just as you have the "freedom to post these things"- others have the "freedom to judge you or not do business with you because of your views". As a business professional you have to check your personal thoughts on these topics at the door. You don't want to alienate anyone in the business arena because you passionately post your thoughts and views. Although you are completely entitled to your own political and religious views just be prepared that sharing them could turn around and hurt your image or brand. And the same goes for all the topics I mentioned above. 

All of the above are topics that can possibly give your clients, vendors, friends, etc an unfavorable perception of you. All of us are individuals and that is nothing to be ashamed of or hide, however if you use your social media outlets for your company or the professional side of your life, you need to watch your personal posts. You can't be promoting your business or professional skills at 9am and then bashing your boyfriend or coworker at 2pm, without it effecting how your followers and/or clients view you.  When it comes to business, especially with our economy the way it is people want to spend money with trust-worthy, capable and consistent individuals. If you portray yourself to be anything but that, rest assured eventually your business/professional life will suffer. 

There are several Facebook privacy settings you can change to prevent people from seeing anything on your page you don't want them to see. Photo tagging privacy policies, sharing with only certain groups of people your posts and so on. Check all of your other social media sites for these same settings. It could help you limit what potential employers, clients, etc see.

It's true, your personal life should not dictate the way you are in business, but unfortunately it absolutely does. So be sure you are monitoring what your social media sites are saying about you. Think about what you are posting, be responsible with your words. And if you are trying to be informational in your posts, make sure that you research, and that you are putting accurate information out there.


ONE LOVE: A Wedding for Everyone!

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If you live in Florida or have been watching the news, you know that Florida made Same Sex Marriage legal on January 6th, 2015! YAY FLORIDA!  I am proud to say I have always been a supporter of #Equality!  Working in the Event Industry I am connected with vendors and couples from all walks of life, and I'm here to tell you PEOPLE ARE PEOPLE. In my opinion, the thing that separates us in society is how we treat each other — not who we are or who we love. It's whether or not we are there for each other as humans. This is what builds character. This is what makes us open to love and new life experiences. 

This past November I was asked to participate and sponsor ONE LOVE: a wedding for everyone, presented by Kathy Thomas of Kathy Thomas Photography.  Of course, I jumped at the chance! It was a great opportunity to work with some amazing vendors and to connect with vendors I had yet had the pleasure of working with — all while showing my support for the LGBTQ community.

A two-day experience at the Ritz Carlton Orlando, Grande Lakes, the workshop featured Bernadette Smith of the Gay Wedding Institute, as well as a styled shoot and education on same sex weddings, SEO and marketing language. The brain child of  Kathy Thomas, ONE LOVE: a wedding for everyone was a huge success, photography from the workshop will be used in the marketing materials of the Ritz Carlton Orlando, Grande Lakes, and the workshop itself got a mention on the Channel 6 News! (watch here)

I loved working on this project! It was great working with Kathy creating the Branding and Stationery for take away's and the styled location shoots! She is a formidable force in the event industry and her vision oozed sophistication! 

"My goal is to help educate my community by fostering an environment that continues education, growth and support, so we can be experts in the wedding community. I am a believer in equality — I created my company in support of love and marriage and couldn't be happier that Florida has legalized it for all couples."   — KATHY THOMAS

Job well done! I know she poured her heart and soul into this workshop, and it was evident by the amazing experience she created! Jealous? :)  Experience it yourself with this great trailer by Key Moment Films.

Let's not forget Lisa Stoner of E-Events, she designed the styled shoots at the Ritz Carlton Orlando, Grande Lakes. A beautiful modern classic ballroom set, (complete with the ladies from Our DJ Rocks!) and an elegant outdoor farm experience at Whisper Creek Farm. Thank you Lisa, for always creating amazing environments to showcase my stationery! (I kid, I kid...it's not just about the stationery!) Tipping my hat to Raining Roses  and the Chalk Shop as well for creating her amazing vision! 

Drink in the beauty of both locations below!

For a full list of participants and sponsors of the workshop, scroll down to the end of this post. You will also find galleries for both locations below! (Photography courtesy of Kathy Thomas Photography)

For more information on our event stationery or brand development visit our site!
#memyselfandi #acreativelife

The 2u Collection, our Custom Stationery line contributed stationery designs, table numbers, brand design of the workshop as well as contributing a little photo styling of the sets with Lisa!

Photo Galleries by Kathy Thomas Photography

I know that something this wonderful takes the work of many. Below are these amazing vendors! And the good news they are all supporters of #Equality!!

List of participants and sponsors of the workshop

The Ritz-Carlton Orlando, Grande Lakes (and all their partner Marriott's)

Our DJ Rocks (Kristin Hubbard)

Favors & Treats:
Florida Candy Buffets (Farida Wazir)

Planners & Designers:
E Events (Lisa Stoner)

Raining Roses Productions (Jesus Rodriguez)

Stationery & Paperie:
2u Collection (Amy Morelli)

Lifestyle Design, Graphics, Illustration, Branding & Marketing:
2u Creative (Amy Morelli)

Kathy Thomas Photography (Kathy Thomas - Orlando & NYC)
Brandi Image Photography (Brandi Morris St. Pete)
Stephanie Dishman Photography (Stephanie Dishman - Orlando)
Rudy & Marta Photography (Rudy Montilla- Orlando)
Nick Edmundson Imaging (Nick Edmundson - Ohio available for travel)
Emily Millay Photography (Emily Cunningham - Ohio available for travel)
Jordan Weiland Photography (Jordan Weildan - Lakeland)
Banter Booth (photo booth Jason Weildan - Lakeland)

Key Moment Films (Mary Angelini)

Hair and Makeup:
Kristy's Artistry Design Team (Kristy Alonzo)

E-Blasts In Demand


Here at The 2u Collection we admit that our obsession for paper is grand! Parchment, Linen, Cotton, Vellum -- Textured, Matte, Mylar, Foil -- the Weight, the Color, the Feel... all just absolutely fascinating.  However, not always does an occasion call for a “physical” invitation piece.  
Enter the E-Blast Invitation!! 
Recently and in partnership with our branding and marketing division 2u Creative, we have seen an upturn in our development of not only E-Blast Invitations for clients, but also E-Newsletters and additional email based marketing materials.

While we have a natural passion for paper and have gained an all-new appreciation for the flexibility of the E-Blast, it is important to understand that the E-Blast isn't always appropriate. Formal events should stick with tradition and use a paper invite that is sent through the mail. However there can still be a place for the E-Blast in even the most formal of events such as reminders to book hotel arrangements or to share an Itinerary.

Here are some examples of great times to use an E-Blast:
  • A last minute event pops up and you have limited time to send the invites
  • You’re working within a budget and your event doesn’t call for a formal invitation
  • The invite or information needs to be sent to a large mass and quickly
  • A time sensitive promotion your clients would love has begun and ends soon
  • Going GREEN and decide this will cut down on paper costs

Take a look below and see how E-Blasts can be effective yet styled, in a variety of forms:

Bachelorette Party

Wedding Reminder

Rehearsal Dinner

Promotional Newsletters

Party Invitation

Additionally, E-Blasts created by The 2u Collection and sent through our email marketing system, can provide several useful features including:

  • Email reports and tracking results
  • Insight on how recipients marked your email (spam, subscriptions, relevance)
  • Feedback regarding client interests and targeting techniques
  • Matching your e-blast branding to your website branding
  • Financial, economic and environmental advantages

Correspondence with Flair


Recently we addressed the importance of keeping the handwritten thank you note alive.  As we worked on embellishing Invitations, Holiday Cards, and Thank You’s throughout this busy season a thought evoked… writing can be mundane BUT embellishing is always an inspiration for excitement, for both the giver and receiver.

So the next time you sit down to write a letter or feel uninspired consider the following ways you can spice it up… add a touch of character… and express your personal style!  You might find that looking forward to the details may awaken the purpose of your correspondence and even influence a theme.

Embossing Press
In creating various stationery projects for our coveted client Florida Hospital, we were inspired to design this embossing press featuring the Florida Hospital logo.  The result was a piece of class!  We loved the touch so much that we designed a piece for ourselves here at The 2u Collection and we just couldn’t stop pressing our logo onto all types of surfaces once we received it!! An adornment like this can be customized with a logo or graphic to fit most any need! - Check out theStampMaker.com

Envelope Enhancements & Pristine Packaging 
Envelope liners, wax seals, color corrugated shipping boxes and custom designed labels add a unique elegance to any mailing!

Courtesy of TheWeddingPhile.Blogspot.com

Gorgeous envelope liners can be found for almost any size at Paper-Source.com - From solid colors to fine prints, liners add that finishing touch... much like a fabulous lining on a tailored jacket or cuff!

Something as simple as changing the color standard on packaging can really act to catch the eye.  Give the brown box a lift and go for a bold color, or take it a step further and choose unique shapes and sizes.  Take a browse around USBox.com for a plethora of packaging!!

The timeless wax seal needs little explanation...  It's clean, elegant and speaks volumes as you seal each envelope with care and sincerity.  At Nostalgic Impressions they create polished & personalized wax seals that make us swoon!

A Pop of Color... A Taste of Texture
Colored envelopes and textured papers will change the entire feel of a correspondence piece while adding impact to that stack of junk mail! Even here at The 2u Collection our eyes spark and open wide when we catch a rouge within the pile... and of course, it's the first we chose to open and admire!!

Have you ever experienced that moment when writing or creating a thoughtful piece, where you just couldn't wait for the recipient to open?! Oh the anticipation!!! Well, there are times when the excitement is all too much and you boldly take an unconventional approach, much like that featured above. This client was so full of joy in announcing their new edition, that they simply had us print a lovely portrait right on the envelope -- Secrets Out!!

As we sift through the mail texture stands out to the touch!!  The columned paper featured above is sure to impress.  Play with different paper types and treatments to evoke a variety of feelings.  Neenah Paper is one of our favorite paper pros but check out Paper Mojo as well for decadent handmade papers!

Stuck & Stamped
Both of these are cute and quirky ways to add a bit of personal whimsy & cultural flare! -- You can layout, design a nice label & stamp or print right on the envelope.

Courtesy of IntimateWeddings.com

We just love this! Try buying stamps in small denominations and then placing them creatively on the piece to create a fun and traveled feel. Pick up stamps as you explore the world or hometown. Check out vintage and antique shops... alot of the time they'll have these treasures tossed amongst old photos and such!

Courtesy of GourmetInvitations.Blogspot.com

A custom ink stamp like the one we created above not only acts to adorn a mailing piece, but it can also be held as a keepsake and used time and time again on a variety of creative indulgences.  - OrlandoRubberStamps.com produced our design flawlessly!

In hopes that you are inspired to create!!  For more ideas visit us on Facebook at The 2u Collection

International Prostate Cancer Foundation Gala

If you are a frequent reader of my blog you are well aware that a good portion of this month's efforts have been dedicated to the success of the International Prostate Cancer Foundation's Gala. I was first approached by the foundation to do all their marketing and our 2u Creative division had the pleasure of not only developing their foundation branding and website but I was able to hand over the next portion of the responsibilities to our stationary division, The 2u Collection. Having a stationary division is particularly beneficial for projects such as these where a client needs a vast array of marketing services including print materials, website design and brand conception and also stationary needs for a social event. Being able to work within my two divisions allowed for a seamless execution for all print materials, website and marketing materials to be unanimous with the stationary for their Gala.

The average person does not know that prostate cancer is actually a genetic familial disease. That is why from the very beginning of the design process the tree was such a focal point. With the design of the Gala materials we wanted to keep the tree as a focal point, but obviously with any social gathering, items should look more formal and have a different aesthetic value than that of marketing collateral.

The first design decision was choosing a color palette. The monotone array of greys, silvers and charcoals really made for an elegant statement. I was able to incorporate the tree in a more formal way by using silver and white foil stamping on a Neenah classic linen charcoal paper for the programs, place cards and menu cards. The tree was used on the cover of the IPCF program as well as inside the program, that paired with a stripe corner border were the two design focal points of all the stationery pieces. All the items were classic and timeless and although appealing to the women's eye were designed with a masculine look in mind. We really wanted to keep it masculine so the materials suited the overall goals of the foundation in who they are reaching.

 The design collaboration with Lisa Stoner of E Events really brought out the beauty of what we had created. The tables were dressed in green table linens, each had a lush floral centerpiece and clear glass gold beaded chargers. When menu cards, place cards and table numbers were placed on the tables, paired with the individual table pin-spotting the details of the pieces really came alive.

The grand finale of this event, like any were the favors. The foundation selected to hand out individual tree seedlings that each had a tag designed by The 2u Collection describing the meaning behind the seedling. Each guest was invited to take this seedling home and plant it in their own yard in honor of someone who has or is currently battling prostate cancer. This touch really put a memorable emphasis on why the tree was the focal point for the event and the foundation itself.

The event was one of the most rewarding I have ever had the opportunity to work on. Not only were both of my divisions contributors to the overall design and success of the event and the IPCF brand itself but I personally am continually touched by the efforts of Dr. Patel. I am honored to be part of the journey IPCF has begun and look forward to all the projects we work on together in the future!  

Of course there are so many people involved in helping execute this, but I want to give so much thanks to Lawton Printers. Not only are they amazing at what they do, they treat their customers like family and will move heaven and earth (if needed) to turn my designs and ideas into beautifully printed finished pieces! Another big thanks to Jeffrey Stoner of Stoner Video for supplying all these beautiful images!

A Sneek Peak of what we are Currently Working on..

Okay I know it's been a while.. I'm ashamed. But it is wedding season and we have been busy giving our absolute best to our current brides and their weddings!!  We try our best to give the attention deserved to each event and sometimes that means I fall behind on catching up with all of you wonderful readers.  

But Wedding Season does NOT mean work stops in our other division 2u Creative!!  So, I wanted to give you a sneak peak of what we are working on.  Earlier in April we were happy to welcome Kelleen Hite of Pure Sugar Studios as a client! She loved all the brand development (to view this see below for links to past blogs) I've done for Abby Liga of Liga Photography. and wants me to re-brand her!! Thanks Images for a Cure Workshop for letting Abby RAVE about me in her Workshop!

So we've been busy working on getting her new website up!!  Below is the Teaser Coming soon page we've created.. and I also wanted to share the custom icons we illustrated for the site.. 

Stay tuned we hope to launch her new site by August 1st, and we will be sure to announce it when we do!!

Please comment and let us know what you think so far!!

This is the Current Teaser page up at PureSugarStudios.com

Custom icons we illustrated for the site. Please comment and let us know what you think!

Links to see the branding work we've done for Abby Liga.  and PS.. an updated look is in the works for her as well!! Her website is done in the new look, and we are working on a NEW Editorial Magazine Style Brochure, you can see a sneak peak of the new look on the first link below.

A New Look for Liga!
The Liga District.
Look What we Accomplished!
Lawton's Printer, The Liga District and 2u Collection Successful Collaboration!

Interested in Branding and Why its so important?  Check out these previous posts on the subject!

The Importance of Branding & Advertising- PART I

What we've been up to in our Advertising & Marketing Division.

Amy3 Comments

As many of you know we have an Advertising and Marketing Division here, 2u Creative, this is the world I came from before I branched out and started the invitation side of things.

Last year we had alot of projects going on in this division, and I'm going to do my best to blog throughout this year about some of these amazing projects we had the opportunity to create!

I'm starting off with one of my favorites. This client is amazing in many aspects!! First she does my hair, and I must say I've never had a bad hair day (Thanks to her! :))  And she was also one of my brides for last year. So you'll see me blog about her invitations sometime soon as well.

Our goal in this project was to brand her as an independent stylist.  I think we did a good job, and Kim was extremely happy with the result. We created Promotional Mirror Hangers, A Service Menu, Appointment Cards, Direct Mail Pieces, Gift Certificates and Business Cards, as well as sending out Eblast Marketing on a regular basis.

Lawton's Printer, The Liga District and 2u Collection Successful Collaboration!

Amy1 Comment

Most of you know that I handle the marketing & branding for Liga Photography and their Commercial/Portrait Division The Liga District.  Last year, we embarked on a fun project. Developing the brand and identity for The Liga District. I did the design and art direction, of course amazing photography by The Liga District, and we called on Kim of Lawton's Printer for the printing & production!! So we created a Launch Campaign, and as you see by the images it turned out great!!  It is Soft Touch Aqueous Coating with Spot UV.  It is one of the favorite pieces I have in my bag of experience, and I've very proud of it. Join me in congratulating Lawton's.. Among Many awards they received that night, the campaign I created for The Liga District won Best in Show for a Campaign.

See the press release below!

Lawton Printers Top Honors in Statewide Print Competition
Orlando, Florida, August 8, 2010 - Lawton Printers received awards for all entries at the 2010 annual Florida Print Awards, the printing industry’s largest and most prestigious statewide graphic arts competition. The Printing Association of Florida (PAF) presented the awards to elite Florida-based printing and graphic arts companies during a banquet on August 6, 2010 at the Loews Royal Pacific at Universal Orlando.

With hundreds of entries from printing and graphic firms across the state, Lawton Printers received six Best of Category Awards, four Awards of Excellence and one Judges Awards, plus the prestigious Trophy for Best Process Color Printing and a Trophy for Best of Show Division I.
“Other companies can talk about quality – we know we produce outstanding quality. And it’s reflected in our wins,” said Kimberly Lawton Koon, President. “Our employees work very hard to give each project same attention and care, and winning the overall Best Four Color Process Printing trophy is very gratifying for all of us at Lawton Printers.”

George Ryan, president and CEO of PAF, added “year after year, the quality of the submissions for the Florida Print Awards increases, raising the standard to which they are held. It seems like we say this every year, but the judges remarked how they were, once again, impressed with the entries submitted by PAF members and also said this year’s competition was the toughest yet. Lawton Printers should be very proud of their outstanding accomplishments.”
The Florida Print Awards is the printing industry’s largest statewide graphic arts competition. It recognizes individuals, companies and organizations responsible for the creation or production of print communications. The competition promotes excellence in the industry and recognizes companies and individuals who produce the best in print media.

About Lawton Printers, Inc.
Lawton Printers, founded in 1900, is an award-winning offset and digital printer providing solutions for customer’s high quality marketing and print needs. Lawton combines state-of-the-art technology & equipment with the heritage of 5 generations of excellence.
To learn more about Lawton, please visit www.LawtonPrinters.com. To learn more about Printing Association of Florida, visit www.flprint.org.

It’s an honor to be recognized by the industry as a company that produces top quality, award winning materials,” said  Kimberly Lawton Koon, President. “The entire team at Lawton Printers works on every project as if it were an award-winning piece.”

For more about these awards and Lawton Printers, visit www.LawtonPrinters.com