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Correspondence with Flair


Recently we addressed the importance of keeping the handwritten thank you note alive.  As we worked on embellishing Invitations, Holiday Cards, and Thank You’s throughout this busy season a thought evoked… writing can be mundane BUT embellishing is always an inspiration for excitement, for both the giver and receiver.

So the next time you sit down to write a letter or feel uninspired consider the following ways you can spice it up… add a touch of character… and express your personal style!  You might find that looking forward to the details may awaken the purpose of your correspondence and even influence a theme.

Embossing Press
In creating various stationery projects for our coveted client Florida Hospital, we were inspired to design this embossing press featuring the Florida Hospital logo.  The result was a piece of class!  We loved the touch so much that we designed a piece for ourselves here at The 2u Collection and we just couldn’t stop pressing our logo onto all types of surfaces once we received it!! An adornment like this can be customized with a logo or graphic to fit most any need! - Check out theStampMaker.com

Envelope Enhancements & Pristine Packaging 
Envelope liners, wax seals, color corrugated shipping boxes and custom designed labels add a unique elegance to any mailing!

Courtesy of TheWeddingPhile.Blogspot.com

Gorgeous envelope liners can be found for almost any size at Paper-Source.com - From solid colors to fine prints, liners add that finishing touch... much like a fabulous lining on a tailored jacket or cuff!

Something as simple as changing the color standard on packaging can really act to catch the eye.  Give the brown box a lift and go for a bold color, or take it a step further and choose unique shapes and sizes.  Take a browse around USBox.com for a plethora of packaging!!

The timeless wax seal needs little explanation...  It's clean, elegant and speaks volumes as you seal each envelope with care and sincerity.  At Nostalgic Impressions they create polished & personalized wax seals that make us swoon!

A Pop of Color... A Taste of Texture
Colored envelopes and textured papers will change the entire feel of a correspondence piece while adding impact to that stack of junk mail! Even here at The 2u Collection our eyes spark and open wide when we catch a rouge within the pile... and of course, it's the first we chose to open and admire!!

Have you ever experienced that moment when writing or creating a thoughtful piece, where you just couldn't wait for the recipient to open?! Oh the anticipation!!! Well, there are times when the excitement is all too much and you boldly take an unconventional approach, much like that featured above. This client was so full of joy in announcing their new edition, that they simply had us print a lovely portrait right on the envelope -- Secrets Out!!

As we sift through the mail texture stands out to the touch!!  The columned paper featured above is sure to impress.  Play with different paper types and treatments to evoke a variety of feelings.  Neenah Paper is one of our favorite paper pros but check out Paper Mojo as well for decadent handmade papers!

Stuck & Stamped
Both of these are cute and quirky ways to add a bit of personal whimsy & cultural flare! -- You can layout, design a nice label & stamp or print right on the envelope.

Courtesy of IntimateWeddings.com

We just love this! Try buying stamps in small denominations and then placing them creatively on the piece to create a fun and traveled feel. Pick up stamps as you explore the world or hometown. Check out vintage and antique shops... alot of the time they'll have these treasures tossed amongst old photos and such!

Courtesy of GourmetInvitations.Blogspot.com

A custom ink stamp like the one we created above not only acts to adorn a mailing piece, but it can also be held as a keepsake and used time and time again on a variety of creative indulgences.  - OrlandoRubberStamps.com produced our design flawlessly!

In hopes that you are inspired to create!!  For more ideas visit us on Facebook at The 2u Collection