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#memyselfandi Current Obsession — OPI Nail Envy

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When I was young I used to bite my nails, really bite them, down to the quick- sometimes they would bleed! YUCK! Why did I do that?  My cousin and I both did, and one day my dad told us if we could let our nails grow to the ends of our fingers without biting them he would give us both $5.00! In the 80s, to a 9 year old, that was a fortune! 

Being the competitive Leo I am, it was on! A contest, I could do it! Well, not only did I get that $5, but I didn't bite my nails again, and became obsessed with having a good manicure. When I was about 15, I discovered Nail Envy, by OPI, and I've been using it ever-since.

Always on the mission to find the perfect polish to strengthen and beautify my natural nails, I've tried many products. I mean ALOT, and all different brands. I can say that I'm never as happy with another product, so I always go back to OPI Nail Envy. It's the only product I've found that not only helps my nails grow, it helps strengthen, helps with peeling, breaking, and just overall gives me beautiful nails. I will never stray again, this is one of the only products that I've found really does what it says it will.

Since I discovered this product over 20 years ago. The geniuses at OPI have developed several other formulas! 6 other formulas's to be exact!

Six unique Nail Envy Natural Nail Strengthener formulas strengthen with wheat protein and calcium while targeting specific nail needs with additional nourishment and encouragement. 

Visit http://pro.opi.com to purchase or learn more!

  • Original Maximum strength formula For nails in severe need of strengthening and repair.  
  • Dry & Brittle formula Helps prevent snaps and splits. Protects and maintains nail flexibility.
  • Sensitive & Peeling with Vitamin E and Kukui Nut Oil Soothes & protects nails against peeling.
  • Healthy Maintenance formula Renews and maintains strong, healthy nails.
  • Soft & Thin formula Fortifies soft, thin natural nails for strengthening and repair.
  • Matte formula Great for men or for those wanting a neutral, natural look.


Obsessions - February — #memyselfandi

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1: Monogram Necklace mynamenecklace.com  |  2: Monogram Decanter shop.nordstrom.com   |   3: Monogram Cuff Bracelets marleylilly.com   |   4: Monogram Shoulder Bag  personalizedfrommetoyou.com  |  5: Monogram China graciousstyle.com  |   6: Monogram Watch amazon.com

For some reason this month I am OBESSESED with Monograms! In the Stationery and Event side of my business I am always creating custom Monograms for couples to uniquely show their personalities. I recently ordered a full set of Bar Glasses (Wine, Rocks and Water) for a couple with the Monogram I created on them. I was so pleased with the end result, that the Monogram Obsession began! I hope you enjoy my February Obsessions!

Obsessions - January — #memyselfandi

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1: Burts Bees Eye Cream [Retails for $11.99]   |   2: EOS Organic Smooth Sphere - Pomegranate [Retails for $14.99]   |   3: Citrus for the Skin  |   4: Freeman Anti-Stress Dead Seas Mineral Mask  [Retails for $6.69]    |  5: Cucumber Water for Hydration  |   6:  Weleda Skin Food [Retails $13.59  |   7:  Yogi Bedtime Tea [Retails $5.61]

MY OBSESSIONS . . . all under $15

1.  Burts Bees Eye Cream [Retails for $11.99]
As I get older, not getting a full 8 hours of sleep, really shows. And mostly is shows all over my face.. Hello Dark Circles! This great eye cream, helps make those dark circle no more. Bring on the late nights!

2EOS Organic Smooth Sphere - Pomegranate [Retails for $14.99]
There is nothing I love more than smooth lips.. both my own and other (LOL) . . . This lip treatment is not only amazing, it comes in many flavors! I keep one in my desk, nightstand and purse — ready for kissing anywhere I am. (Wink!)

3Citrus, Citrus, Citrus. 
I am lucky enough to have a client who is a dermatologist, and yes. She has the most amazing skin. This tip is from her. Every other night before bed rub fresh citrus on your skin. It's a natural brightener, will help fade dark spots and even can keep acne at bay. Bring on the Lemon!

4Freeman Anti-Stress Dead Seas Mineral Mask  [Retails for $6.69]
I wear my emotions on my face! Everyone says so — you can tell how I feel by the look on my face. Well, I'd rather those wrinkles not set in! So this anti-stress mask is my GO TO! It's also great to keep my skin free and clear of blackheads! 

5Stay Hydrated with Cucumber Water. 
Who doesn't love the amazing cucumber water served on those rare spa days? This is one, you don't have to leave at the spa! Slice some cucumbers put them in a glass pitcher of water, give it time to infuse and Voila! Nothing more refreshing. (And I'm convinced that Hydration keeps you young!) A great shortcut is  dicing cucumbers into cubes and freezing them. Now you have cucumber ice cubes, to drop right in your water!

6Weleda Skin Food [Retails $13.59
I know, I know... Summer's months away. But that doesn't mean you can't start getting those tootsies in shape! I have cracked heels :( and have looked for years for a way in between pedicures to combat this problem. Well, Weleda Skin Food is it! Each night before bed I use this robust cream on my heels! It works like a dream, and I even give my elbows a little love to!

7 Yogi Bedtime Tea [Retails $5.61]
Not to get too personal, but I have suffered since I was 35 with pre-menopause issues. This runs in my family and there are more "female issues" to count. I must say — you can throw all of this at me! I'll take it and cope fine.. But the one thing I JUST CAN'T deal with is interrupted sleep! I spent about 6 years suffering from awful night sweats, to the point that I sometimes would have to move to my guest room, as the sheets were soaked! This last obsession has SAVED ME! All natural and full of medicinal herbs- 2 cups of this tea before bed... and that's right NO MORE NIGHT SWEATS! I'm sure everyone has different results, but for me this tea has worked like a dream.

Want to try one of the above products? Journal your results and please share with us! I would love to hear about what you are currently obsessed with!