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What we've been up to in our Advertising & Marketing Division.

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As many of you know we have an Advertising and Marketing Division here, 2u Creative, this is the world I came from before I branched out and started the invitation side of things.

Last year we had alot of projects going on in this division, and I'm going to do my best to blog throughout this year about some of these amazing projects we had the opportunity to create!

I'm starting off with one of my favorites. This client is amazing in many aspects!! First she does my hair, and I must say I've never had a bad hair day (Thanks to her! :))  And she was also one of my brides for last year. So you'll see me blog about her invitations sometime soon as well.

Our goal in this project was to brand her as an independent stylist.  I think we did a good job, and Kim was extremely happy with the result. We created Promotional Mirror Hangers, A Service Menu, Appointment Cards, Direct Mail Pieces, Gift Certificates and Business Cards, as well as sending out Eblast Marketing on a regular basis.