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E-Blasts In Demand


Here at The 2u Collection we admit that our obsession for paper is grand! Parchment, Linen, Cotton, Vellum -- Textured, Matte, Mylar, Foil -- the Weight, the Color, the Feel... all just absolutely fascinating.  However, not always does an occasion call for a “physical” invitation piece.  
Enter the E-Blast Invitation!! 
Recently and in partnership with our branding and marketing division 2u Creative, we have seen an upturn in our development of not only E-Blast Invitations for clients, but also E-Newsletters and additional email based marketing materials.

While we have a natural passion for paper and have gained an all-new appreciation for the flexibility of the E-Blast, it is important to understand that the E-Blast isn't always appropriate. Formal events should stick with tradition and use a paper invite that is sent through the mail. However there can still be a place for the E-Blast in even the most formal of events such as reminders to book hotel arrangements or to share an Itinerary.

Here are some examples of great times to use an E-Blast:
  • A last minute event pops up and you have limited time to send the invites
  • You’re working within a budget and your event doesn’t call for a formal invitation
  • The invite or information needs to be sent to a large mass and quickly
  • A time sensitive promotion your clients would love has begun and ends soon
  • Going GREEN and decide this will cut down on paper costs

Take a look below and see how E-Blasts can be effective yet styled, in a variety of forms:

Bachelorette Party

Wedding Reminder

Rehearsal Dinner

Promotional Newsletters

Party Invitation

Additionally, E-Blasts created by The 2u Collection and sent through our email marketing system, can provide several useful features including:

  • Email reports and tracking results
  • Insight on how recipients marked your email (spam, subscriptions, relevance)
  • Feedback regarding client interests and targeting techniques
  • Matching your e-blast branding to your website branding
  • Financial, economic and environmental advantages