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Glitter... Confetti... Sparkles Galore? New Years Nuptials!!!

The New Year is approaching and here at The 2u Collection we have been beautifully reminded with the honor of creating wedding stationery to fit the season for one of our own in the industry!

What you may not realize is that working in the wedding industry doesn't necessarily make planning and executing your own day much easier. In fact, knowing the ins and outs of your vendor's capabilities can sometimes create option overload! Such is the case with fellow vendor and soon to be bride Ronnie Renaud of RW Chocolate Couture Fountains & Decadent Desserts!

Take a peak at how Mix & Match wedding stationery may ease the indecisive mind.

The original inspiration was driven by the fact that the bride hadn't really decided what kind of wedding and experience she wanted to create. So we brainstormed and thought her invitation could be her "something blue"! And of course we didn't want to ignore new years, so Pale Blues & Dazzling Golds, Gleaming with Glitter and a Sprinkling of Iridescent Confetti are just some of the ideas we landed on!  

The piece turned out a gorgeous result, one that raised the question "What MORE can we do!?" Without a clear direction for her wedding and underestimating her guest list. We went back to the drawing board. We had used up all the invites that she had ordered. And at this point a clear Old Hollywood Glam tastes started to emerge- which made our blue invites seem a little out of place. So after some discussion Ronnie became compelled with curiosity and I proposed that we create a second round of invites that will be similar to the first "something blue" invitation- but will sit solidly in the developing concept for the event decor.

Challenge accepted!!! 
We focused on creating Mix & Match invites that were unique enough to make a stand alone statement, but that would remain harmonious when recipients shared the designs within their admiration. Highlighting the boldest elements of the first round of invites and then adding slight modifications we reveled in success! An invite in Midnight Black, Dusted with Gold Glitter,  finished with Silver Ribbon and of course the Celebratory Confetti.

Side by side the invites are reminiscent of one another, but when you take a closer look the individual delights of each begin to stand out. It even becomes a playful way to engage your guests and get them talking! Without competing these pieces have managed to create a "Which one did YOU get?!" buzz while lending the same feel to the overall creative concept of the wedding event.