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"My Favorite Holiday Gift" - A Jeffrey Stoner Treat

In his latest sprinkling of joy perfectly themed for the season, Jeffrey Stoner presents a window into 'Christmases Past' as he asks friends and peers, "What's YOUR Favorite Holiday Gift?!"

Peek at the videos and feel free to have a giggle, even at my own expense!  You may recognize some faces, so make sure to give them a tease, as we connect in a bit of holiday amusement & jubilation!!

Too much fun!  
As our fellow entrepreneur at Jeffrey Stoner Video and having worked with him more times that I can count, Mr. Jeffrey Stoner has become a most fabulous friend.  A stand out character, Jeffrey is a phenomenal videographer often enthralled behind the lens as he captures the essence of those on the other side.  With an exuberant personality he melts the inhibitions of even those closest to him... a testament to his skill, as we are often most shy amongst those we know best!

Hungry for more Stoner?  Browse his collection of delights here and be swept away....

May Your Season Be Merry & Most Blessed - The 2u Collection 

And as a special treat! You can see just how creative Jeffrey is by this holiday video with the family!!