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"The Confidential" Prompts Full Re-Brand for the Studios of Liga Photography

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It is always with great joy that we celebrate the growth and success of our friends and colleagues here at 2u Creative of 2u Collection LLC.  Most recently we have taken great pride in an opportunity presented to us by long time friend and business associate Abby Liga of Liga Photography, as she moves forward in her most anticipated venture yet - The Confidential.

As we applaud all of those involved and eagerly anticipate what is yet to develop, we take a moment to share and reflect on the blood, sweat and tears that have gone into the project thus far...

As we began conceptualizing here at 2u Creative, we found ourselves delving a bit deeper into the Liga brand, beyond the idea of The Confidential alone.  Abby discussed with us the need for 2 new additions to her brand, a workshop division & commercial division.  In our initial design and development it became clear to us that things between the already established brand pieces and these new pieces were beginning to look mismatched.  Exploring this notion sparked a full re-branding campaign for Liga Photography and all divisions... with purpose of course.  They key is to be mindful of building a cohesive brand by looking at the elements and how they work TOGETHER, rather than building divisions separately and hoping they fit.  

Having worked on branding for Abby Liga of Liga Photography for many years, we have a true love for the brand and take pride as we graduate this brand to match the evolution of it's refinement.  We thank Abby for her testimonial and expressed gratitude:
"When I came to Amy about helping me create a brand for The Confidential workshop I knew she was going to come up with something amazing far beyond what I thought it could be. And much to my surprise it prompted full re-brand integration for all my divisions. We couldn't be happier with the refined versions of other divisions and as you can see below, The Confidential fits right in!
We are more than thrilled to bring you the fresh new color palette for Liga Photography showcased in the 5 separate, but cohesive logos presented below... and make sure to keep an eye out on the 2u Creative Blog as we will be introducing additional marketing pieces for the Liga campaign, enjoy!

Wedding Division Brand

Portrait Division Brand 

Commercial Division Brand

Workshop Division Brand

Blog Brand

Now a little peek at a few of the logos placed together for some insight on how to cohesively fit multiple divisions under a unified brand campaign.  Simply Refined!

Little did we know that The Confidential would spark this fabulous re-brand - To stay up to date with all of The Confidential secrets, make sure to  "like" the official Confidential Facebook page for full access, not-to-miss dates, photos, videos & more!!
And one last teaser as we invite you to watch & read more about The Confidential below!! 

A Workshop from the studios of Liga Photography - The Confidential: Illuminating Truth & Passion -  will take a fresh and intimate approach that is sure to set it apart from the typical educational workshop.  Those attending will experience a tailored, individualized approach while also delighting in the benefits of group expression and critique.  We could go on... however we have partnered with Jeffery Stoner Video to create a most fantastic teaser and invite you to view a glimpse of Miss Abby Liga as she exposes the intrigue behind The Confidential.

Also check out The Confidential website in progress at ligaconfidential.com - Stay tuned to the 2u Creative Blog June 1st as we will be sure to announce & feature the launch!