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Attorney Greg Francis - Branding & Official Website Launch!!

In 2012, our branding division - 2u Creative, along side our custom stationery sister - The 2u Collection were entrusted with producing the brand, marketing, promotion, and design for a most exquisite event, The International Prostate Cancer Foundation Celebration of Life Gala… which would go on to act as a catalyst of exposure for both divisions.  As an unexpected perk, we embraced the newfound appreciation, and in the weeks to follow we were delighted as several Gala attendees began inquiring about our services.  

It was at this Gala that we were lucky enough to meet and mingle with Attorney Greg Francis.  Our initial meeting was through another client of ours, Julison Communications as we worked on the Oscar Robertson press event leading up to the Gala. Astounded by the level of unique excellence that we were able to deliver, Francis expressed his interest in employing us for his own marketing & branding efforts.

Gala Pre-Event Cocktails with Dr. Patel, Keisha & Greg Francis

We were thrilled!  The recognition was unexpected and – WOW! – our work had moved him enough to reach out.  Even more exciting was the chance to work with Greg Francis, recognized attorney of Morgan & Morgan and selflessly active member of our community here in Orlando, FL.

Greg’s accomplishments in practicing law are significant… however, mostly unexposed.  Having a passion for people and justice, Francis sought out to make his services more visible to those who could most benefit from his aid.  2u Creative took on the project headstrong proposing a top-to-bottom branding campaign to further include website development & social media marketing.

We are talking everything from Logo Design to URL Naming, Tagline Development, Campaign Concepts, Website Design, Social Media Set-Up & Marketing, Branding Collateral Design, Promotional Items and much, much… MORE!!

After consultations, meetings, discussions, designs, revisions, and more … the collaborative effort has finally taken shape as we present to you the finished elements of Attorney Greg Francis' brand.

The Color Palette:  Rich - Warm - Approachable meets Powerful - Honorable - Commanding

Official Website - fightwithfrancis.com

As Francis proudly announces the launch of his much anticipated website via his blog, we congratulate him & acknowledge him for trusting in our talents.  Our efforts focused on designing a clean, consistent and client friendly site that breaks the typical tendencies of attorney websites. It is our hope that fightwithfrancis.com does just this.

Don't forget to check Greg out on Facebook & Twitter @counselfrancis... or simply "like" him @fightwithfrancis on Facebook!

Branding elements brought together to create custom Facebook & Twitter backgrounds = Clear & Consistent Branding

We hope you enjoyed! Be sure to stay tuned as additional designs develop, we will be sure to share them!