2u Creative — Amy Morelli — Illustration — Branding — Graphic Design

E-Events Timeless Branding


The 2u Collection & 2u Creative has been fortunate enough to have worked with industry acclaimed wedding planner Lisa Stoner of E-Events for many years. We have had the pleasure of developing and evolving with her brand from it's inception and hold it close to heart.

After many years in business, and as E-Events matured our marketing & branding division, 2u Creative was given the opportunity to refresh the brand, giving a light & airy touch to a beautifully refined collection of marketing pieces.

Branding and furthermore Re-Branding is in the DETAILS!  Keeping signature components of the original brand, while incorporating them into a crisp color palette with newly embellished accents, allowed us to retain recognition of the E-Events brand and still further reinvigorate the feel. 

Enjoy the pieces below as you drift into a lovely example of re-branding with purpose!