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A Winter Wedding with A Festive Flare!


"OMG Amy!!! It arrived today and Tim and I both just love, love, LOVE it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! It's gorgeous!!! It's laying on the bed right now so we can look at it AGAIN before we go to bed!!! We have a nightly ritual of trying on our rings before we go to bed at night - and now we will add opening and looking at the invitation to it!

You are the BEST, Amy!! Thank you, thank you, THANK YOU!!!   "

~ Jennifer--BRIDE ~

Let me tell you, we were just as enthusiastic during the design and production process of this invitation!
It's Prime Time here in the World of Weddings and what a way to start off the season!
 The bride-- a doll who entrusted us with full creative freedom, The result--a glamorously adorned invitation package with divine details and refined extravagance! 

Being a winter wedding, we wanted to create a design that fit the theme of the holiday without becoming.... well.... cheesy. So instead of cliche holiday graphics and icons we focused on incorporating timeless elements into the details of this piece. Details became the main inspiration with Chevron Prints, Letterpress Accents, Metallics, and a Bold Color Palate & Play On Words that would exude a festive flare with sophistication.

The Felt Inlaid Invitation was framed with a Letterpress Border and finished onto a Silver Metallic Chevron Print backing. We carried these design elements into the response card adding Letterpress Chevron accents to be enclosed in a Silver Metallic envelope with Red Print detail. The combination of Letterpress and Screen Printing added clean dimension that would carry the eye.


Pulling it all together was an elegant Die Cut Invitation Jacket in Metallic Red for added splendor! Pushing further into the realm of luxury we went on to adorn the enclosure with a perfectly wrapped Red Satin Bow and Letterpressed Bellyband all of which would be held in a Quartz Metallic envelope to finish. I won't lie, this is one of my faves this season, it's classy and elegant with a hint of holiday flare!

If I had to choose what it is that I love most about this piece I would have to say it's BALANCE. It can be challenging to create themed pieces without falling into stereotypical expectations. I am thrilled that this piece seems to have embraced the opulence of the holidays without being over-the-top or predictable.

"I'm getting amazing feedback on the invites!! Everyone LOVES them! One of my friends flipped out over them today - said they were beautiful and that he and his wife just LOVED theirs!!   Woohoo!!! SOOOO exciting!! The invitations really did turn out beautifully, Amy! Thank you!!  So far, everyone thinks their gorgeous! Those who haven't gotten them yet are completely jealous of the ones who have! Lol!"

~ Jennifer--BRIDE ~

We are touched that the bride took the time to express her excitement and that recipients shared in out sentiments!