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Exciting New Images for Paper Couture Stationery!

Amy1 Comment
I know I've been away for a bit.. But I have a great reason. Abby Liga and I have been busy reshooting the Paper Couture Stationery Website. As many of you know Liga Photography is a partner in our Ready Made Limited Edition Line of Stationery.

This has been our brain child for a while, but as you know in Wedding Season it's hard sometimes to find the time.  We finally just decided to carve out a day and do it.  The goal here was to present our fine stationery in a romantic and functional way.Many of our brides tell us, they have trouble visualizing what their stationery will look like at their wedding, so we decided to shoot everything in a Anthropology, Table setting environment. Hopefully this will help all of you visualize how amazing your stationery will look in the reception environment.

Stay Tuned, we should have all the new images up in the next month, so be sure to check back now and then to see our new designs and new photography!