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Anthropology? yes please!

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So I have always loved Anthropology. Who doesn't? However, sometimes as cool as I think some of their ideas are, they always confused me.................... Until................. I actually had a bride as me to design an Anthropology invite. And the fun and enjoyment that came from it was....UMMMM....AMAZING! And now I think the designers at Anthropology are GENIUS!!! And I won't be a "Glory Hog". My wonderful assistant/go to/amazing interpreter of my crazy ideas Heather, developed this idea, and I executed it..

First the Save the Date. A Front and Back Masterpiece, with Metallic paper, textured gold fleck paper and green satin ribbon! (see above flowered pattern with layered ribbon back.

 So..Drumroll please!!!! Unique, interesting, fun, and truly showed bride and groom personality! (Above see the Save The DAte and Full Invite Displayed!

On the invite we used several different metal embellishments that came in square, oval, circle, etc. In bronze, silver, gold, etc. Making every invitation unique to each guest. A fun interesting Flare that brought both individuality and earthy elegance to the project!

As pictured int he main picture you can see, the invitation opened in an interesting way. When you turned it over, it was tied with a grass green satin ribbon, to which you un-tied to unveil a folder which contained the response card and envelope and what normally would be insert Cards..  

So if you love Anthropology as a theme, as a piece of decor or even just as an admirer who is afraid to try it.. COMMENT and give props to the Anthropology inspiration!!!