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I had the great pleasure this year to accompany Abby Liga of Liga Photography, LLC. to WPPI in Las Vegas. (Wedding & Portrait Photographers International)  I went with her to research all the wonderful albums, boxes, printing and just down right amazing photography there is out there.

Many of you may not know, but I actually hold a Bachelor of Arts in Photography & Cinematography.  Which somehow led me into running my own Graphics and Design Business.

I saw some amazing photographers work, I saw some amazing photographer speak. It was overall an inspiring and invigorating experience. As an artist, I can only say you should surround yourself with people more talented than you. Even if it's not your speciality you will learn from them, be inspired by them and it will make your art better!

And because of contacts I met and inspiration that I felt. I am going to try and spear head a "FILM MOVEMENT!" Which I will explain later!  I just wanted to share what a great time I had, and how inspired I became.. and of course I had the best time with my great friend and sister. Miss Liga!!