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Paper Couture Stationery Warm & Fuzzy Give-Away!

Amy3 Comments
Okay- so I've decided to have a Contest!

I don't know about all of you, but I'm soooooo sick of the Doom and Gloom on the news!! So I've decided it's time to share warm and fuzzies with each other.. Nominate your favorite co-worker, employee or boss!! Post a comment, give me your nomination and tell me why this person is fabulous and why you think they should win! If you are a freelancer or independent business owner you can nominate someone you've worked with recently, that you just couldn't do without...

Make sure you leave a contact email so I can reach you!! Both you and your nominee will win a set of Career Compliments and Compliment Postcards from our Limited Edition Paper Couture Stationery Line! CONTEST WILL LAST UNTIL FEB 28th!

This is our way to start spreading the love!! Let's spread the positivity, you'd be surprised how many people don't realize how much they are appreciated. Be the one to tell them!!

The most deserving Nominee will WIN!

I'm starting the ball rolling... I nominate:

Heather Campbell: my right hand (literally at one point)-- without her I would have gone mental months ago.. Her feedback, help and willingness to tackle just about any project I throw at her is why I love her and think she's fabulous!