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Go Green for the Holidays!!


So this is an event that I am getting to participate in for the 2nd year in a row. It was great fun last year and my products were well received! My Paper Couture Stationery Line sells in the Cottage Industry Co-op
located on Edgewater Drive in College Park! It is an interesting concept that gives back to the community! There are probably around 30 local designers now. And each designer pays a small amount of rent and works a 4 hour shift a week. In return they get a small area to display and sell there unique product.. There is everything there from paper products, to pottery, to custom jewerly, to bath and body stuff.. I have met many great designers there and made some great friends..

In and effort to get the word out I'm going to start picking a designer a month and blog a bit about them.. This time I'm choosing One Lucky Baby! Erin Vertolli is the designer and creator of these unique and stylish Baby Items... Erin and I met a year ago when we both started participating in the Cottage Industry Co-op. Not only did Erin and I go to the same college (in Illinois), a crazy fact we found out months after participating in the co-op together, she is great and her son Vegas is my bud! I love her stuff so much I've had her make baby blankets for my girlfriends who are expecting, artist smocks for my twin nephews and I've even bribed her to make some of the little girl cooking aprons in my size..

Check out Erin's Stuff and Don't forget to Go Green for the Holidays.. This thursday!!