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Music — It’s so much more than just the soundtrack to our lives…

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image courtesy of http://all-free-download.com

image courtesy of http://all-free-download.com

I know, I know the title of this blog is nothing new to anyone. But recently I've been engrossed in a few songs that I feel speak to my soul and the changes happening in my life. Which made me realize that music really is the consistent background to all of our lives. 

Whether we know it or not, music guides us through life, it connects cultures, it motivates us, it's the universal language that all understand. Powerful melodies, harmonies and lyrics can flood you with memories of the special moments of your past, while narrating your present. It has even been know to shake creative block loose! (at least in my case)

One good thing about music, is when it hits you, you feel no pain.
— Bob Marley

We listen in joy & celebration, in sadness & remembrance...I'm even listening to my favorite tunes as I write now. Research suggests that music not only helps us cope with pain — it can also benefit our physical and mental health in numerous other ways. Various scientific studies have shown that music can relieve stress, alter brain wave speed, motivate you during workouts, treat depression, help in surgical recovery and so much more.  and so much more.  (source: http://greatist.com/happiness/unexpected-health-benefits-music) Be sure to read the source article for all the amazing benefits music provides both medically and motivationally. 

Here's to all the wonderful musicians out there connecting us through their amazing talent.

A Creative Life. . .#memyselfandi

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If you follow me on social media, you know that design infiltrates every aspect of my life, and it's not just my love for paper and stationery that inspire me. So I've decided as of today, my blog will become a little bit more like a lifestyle blog!  If you don't follow me, be sure to start! You won't want to miss what's to come!

If you missed it over the holidays, my partners (Lisa Stoner & Robyn Dixon) and I launched a full lifestyle blog: Me Actually! I developed the Brand, logo, design of blog, etc. And will continue to contribute content from the artist perspective as well as Creative Direct all of our activity as we grow. 

Me Actually is the categorical online resource for men and women alike to reference independently or together the art of living abundantly. You'l find everything from gardening and fashion tips to movie reviews and recipes,  I invite you to learn more about all three of us, check out our first post! (And of course all the posts from December!) To find my contributions to Me Actually search for #memyselfandi.

Because of my partnership with Me Actually, I have decided to cover some of the same topics here on my own blog. After all, my artist perspective and design style is who I am, I invite you to follow me both here and at Me Actually. You'll learn all kinds of things about #memyselfandi! 

And don't forget to check out my partners Lisa Stoner & Robyn Dixon, they are two of my closest friends, as well as strong women! There is something for everyone at Me Actually! Be sure to follow me at the links below!