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We Love Paper Flowers!!

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We've said it before, and its certain we will say it again, we love paper!! Even more, we love when fabulous things are created out of paper. When we stumbled upon this awesome book, our very own

Amy Morelli

scooped it up immediately. The pages are filled with 75 different flowers to be created, with plenty of how-to's and templates to assist in the paper flower making process. And, with three different skill levels for each project in the book, you can pick and choose the right designs for your crafting level.

We are still deciding on which ones we would like to create but here are some fantastic examples of the amazing flowers that can be incorporated into your next event!

Paper Flower Center Pieces

 - Photo from:


Paper Flower Banner

 - Photo by:


Local Faves

Local floral design company,

Raining Roses Productions

, has totally inspired us with their Paper Flower Designs. From outstanding centerpieces to grand paper flower backdrops, their designs are truly breathtaking and make every event they are apart of a truly unique experience.

Having worked with them on several large events- we have to say they never disappoint. The team always looks forward to working with

Raining Roses Productions

to see what creative designs they will continue to come up with next. And, these paper flower they created below, are some of their best!!

Paper Flower Center Pieces - Photo by:

Scott Watt Photography

Paper Flower Center Pieces - Photo by: 

Scott Watt Photography

Paper Flower Center Pieces - Photo by: 

Scott Watt Photography

White Paper Flower Runway Backdrop - Photo by:

Damon Tucci Photography