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Anne & Scott say I DO with Simple, Romantic, Elegance

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Onsite Prep Photography:  The 2u Collection     Event & Studio Photography:  Liga Photography   Invitations & Stationery:  The 2u Collection    Venue:    Loew's Portofino Bay Hotel        Videography:  Imprint Cinema     Floral, Decor & Linens:  Botanica International Decor & Design Studio     Officiant:  A Beautiful Ceremony     Cake: The Sugar Suite      PhotoBooth:  Click! Photo Booths   Entertainment:  The Buzz Cats      Design & Coordination: E-Events Design by Lisa Stoner     Draping:  Swag Decor

We always love to tackle a project, where there are no design limitations. It's every designers dream! And I am no different! It's extremely fulfilling to my creative brain, when I get to present out of the box unique ideas and the client not only trusts my judgement but is open to the non traditional. When I met Anne and Scott early in 2012- it was a breath of fresh air!

From the first design brainstorm meeting over skype with the bride, her mother and Lisa Stoner from E-Events to the last minute pieces we pulled together at the end- this couple (and family) was a joy to work with!  We were hired for full service Stationery and art direction of all media (printed pieces, logo projections, etc).  I am often asked what full service custom stationery entails. And this is the perfect wedding to explain it. Basically, I am at the clients beckon call for anything and everything in regards to graphics, stationery, websites, staging, etc, from the moment they book me to the day of the event,  and any last minute designs or pieces that may be needed as the event grows near.

This also includes being there during the event set-up to support E-Events and other vendors with regards to the graphics, stationery, etc. Many times the designs I create can be elaborate and often include various working parts and pieces. In these cases, we offer full service as to not burden the coordinator and other vendors with the tasks of having to set up our complex pieces. I always love it, because then I get to see the bride and grooms reaction to our work... we often don't see their reaction first hand, because most of the time the stationer isn't needed onsite during event set up.

So here we go! Let's start enjoying these details! When I first met this couple, I was told... NO FRILLS, and Nothing TOO FORMAL or  GIRLY. The bride and groom both play soccer and are pretty laid back -- and wanted their wedding and wedding stationery to reflect that, creating a mood of close-knit, family warmth and comfort.

Since their wedding was over a holiday weekend, they wanted to ensure that guests weren't shut out of booking rooms due to the holiday weekend. So we sent the above eblast to the guest even before invitations when out!

Next on the agenda... Rehearsal Dinner, again an eblast was sent inviting guests to the night before the wedding festivities. In this case it was a down home cookout!

The invitations were next to arrive in the post and give the guests a bit of excitement for the event ahead.
Super thick 130# felt paper with 2 color letterpress bound together with a white satin ribbon and silver flat charms with their initials punched into them. We developed a monogram for the bride and groom, that you will see throughout the whole event! 

Take in some of the details of the invitation below.

We did all kinds of wonderful stationery for the event itself. Below you can see the whole group, and 
I'll discuss each detail below as I share the amazing event with you.

I am always amazed at how an ordinary ballroom can be transformed into an amazing oasis, and this wedding is no different. Lisa Stoner from E-Events outdid herself this time!! (and every other time.. lol) And of course the full team that was pulled together all did their part to create this amazing event. (see credits in the top of the blog)
BEFORE (above): Loew's Portofino Bay Hotel  --Venetian Ballroom. This is event day around 10am. Vendors are starting to arrive, the room has yet to become it's destiny! 
 AFTER (above): Loew's Portofino Bay Hotel  --Venetian Ballroom. This is event day around 6pm. What an amazing transformation! Props to Swag Decor and Swank A/V at Loew's Portofino Bay Hotel, 
 the draping and dramatic lighting really changed the room!
Loew's Portofino Bay Hotel  --Citrus Piazza. The couple exchanged vows under the stars.

Lisa created a divided room, with drapes and dramatic lighting, so there was a dinner area and an entertainment dancing area. Beautiful White Leather Furniture surrounded the ROUND dance floor- that's right.. ROUND.. What an amazing touch!
The room also had a large movie screen for a slideshow during dinner. We created our monogram graphic for both, to carry the stationery and monogram theme throughout. Below you can see the light projection on the dance floor above, with a close up below, as well as the screen projection graphic.

Before I go too much further, I have to give props to Ian Prosser and his team at Botanica International Decor & Design Studiohis decor and floral really made this event romantic and elegant!  Checkout some of my favorite details of the 
decor below.
These crystal candle sticks... SWOON.. I told Ian at the event he needed to keep an eye on me, because I wanted to take them home!!  As you can see his floral and decor design, really added romance and elegance. Creating the warm and cozy family feeling the couple were looking for.
 Lisa and Ian! On Event day.. working hard, but always time out for a little vendorly love!
 Lisa (center) with her E-Girls! On the Left her future sister-in-law, Jessie Carr. (Soon to be Stoner!) And on the right, her beautiful daughter, Sara Konency.

Now, Back to the stationery! I wanted to set the stage for the remaining pieces we created. As I mentioned earlier, the couple and the family of the bride, were a joy to work with, and they trusted the vision of all the vendors involved and handed us the reigns to do the best job we could! With this in mind, I did some creative thinking and created some pretty unique pieces. 
Guests were greeted when they arrived after the ceremony to cocktail hour, where they found this escort card/favor table.
Because the bride and groom are both avid Soccer Players, we created Dusty Rose Vellum Pendant escort cards. And once the guest took they their pendants, the mercury glass vases were cleared leaving the center of the table filled with 
"Gifts From Home" as take away favors. 

Dusty Rose Vellum Pendant escort cards with letterpress monogram button tag and white satin ribbon, on metallic silver 
dowel rods! Below:Details of the Gifts from Home!  The groom is from Traverse City, Michigan. A place know for Kilwins Fudge and Salt Water Taffy. The couple decided to share a bit of home with the guests with these great snacks! Assorted Fudge and Salt Water Taffy in a brown kraft bag adorned with a letterpress monogram button, white satin ribbon and a small note from the bride and groom, also on Dusty Rose Vellum.

We also created signage that sprinkled throughout the event for various things, The Photobooth, the Bar, Directional Signs, etc. We even created yard signs for their day after brunch, which directed guests where to park! These signs were on Dark Grey Paper- with white felt mounted with the message.
As you read above I am gushing about the design, decor and floral of this event. With that being said, the pieces I designed for my contribution to the decor were Acrylic Table numbers and Vellum Belly Band Menus. I didn't want to disappoint, as I knew these pieces I created would be showcased on the tables with all the other amazing decor. To this end, I wanted to design elements that were strong pieces on their own, as well as lending to the overall atmosphere that Lisa was trying to create. These pieces needed to be not-too-showy, while still complimenting the other elements in the room.
                   Dusty Rose Vellum Belly Band Menus- wrapped around the silver silk napkin resting on the plate.
 One of my favorite things from this entire event... Acrylic Table Numbers!! We created these beautiful Acrylic Table numbers for each table, the bride and the grooms sweetheart table got one as well, as a nice keepsake for years to come!

These great Letterpress Monogram Buttons we created for various applications throughout the event.
 Because this couple was so NON-FORMAL, we did a fun program, that gave a fun overview of the ceremony. I also want to give some love to The Sugar Suite as this is one of my favorite cakes from ALL OF LAST YEAR!!

Last minute, the family decided they wanted to put a brochure and map cards in the hotel rooms for guests, so they knew of holiday events around town, dates, times, phone numbers, directions etc. Below is a 8 Panel Accordion brochure that gave the guests all the information the needed for holiday events, shows, etc. happening locally.
 The Thank You: Dusty Rose Vellum Belly Band with Letterpress Monogram Button mounted, inside, letterpress thank you message from the bride and groom.

In Closing- we are proud and thankful to have been involved in this event from the smallest detail to the large! This is what the bride and groom had to say:
"Well what can we say?  The wedding was amazing and everything we could've imagined!  Thank you thank you thank you. All of your ideas were creative, fun, and also personal to us."
--love anne and scott