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Inspiration Series - Ronnie Renaud @ RW Chocolate Fountains


am often asked how I fight through creative block and what inspires me. So, here is an installment of my Inspiration Series. 

I've found that sometimes to break out of a NON-creative funk, it's best I go look at some work of other artists I admire. Being a traditional artist as well, It's fun for me to see what other artists use as their outlet, although I paint, and sketch my primary outlet for my art is through graphics, type and paper.  Sometimes to see how other creative minds put out their ideas, and the creations they create will jostle my own creative juices. All photography images courtesy of RW Chocolate Fountain Rentals.

Featured in this installment is the oh-so-sweetly talented Ronnie Renaud of RW Chocolate.

At The 2u Collection we have been fortunate enough to indulge (inspiration enough) in the simply fantastic creations of this master confectioner & chocolatier extraordinaire. We like to consider ourselves "official" taste-testers, and let me tell you there is nothing to complain about! The only challenge? Putting these delectable dessert treats down! Solution?... We simply refrain from having scales in our creative space..... *wink*

Ronnie sets RW Chocolate apart from other industry professionals with her strong consideration for not only taste but the overall event aesthetic as well. It's not just chocolate flowing down a fountain, it's an adorned focal piece that fits. Truffles and cakes  are carefully arranged to compliment and enhance. You just haven't experienced sinful indulgence, until your lips are glitzed with glitter from her infamous Disco Balls. I'd have to say it's the fun and whimsy of it all that inspires me most. She also does amazing chocolate molds. You can see in the picture below! I had her make these for my best friends baby shower and they were a huge hit!!

I hope that you are lucky enough to enjoy not only these images, but her edible artistry as well.  May her work inspire you to 
break free!