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Why is social stationary so important?


In a day and age where everything has gone viral it is more important than ever to keep a sense of personal communication with friends and clients alike. I was inspired just yesterday to write this blog when I received a thoughtful thank you note from a dear friend of mine. As all of us can attest, the mail is constantly full of bills and reminders and when a personal hand written card is received it is really stands out. 

Where have all the old traditions and the days of the Vanderbilt's gone? The internet has many benefits but with those benefits also comes the overall downfall of personal communication. We have become enabled to communicate with people on such an impersonal level.  That is why personal stationary is so important can be such a unique surprise in someone's mailbox. 

Notes are never necessary, but from a business standpoint there are occasions where a note will truly set you apart. If a former client refers a new client to you, an email would be good but a personal thank you note would be better. If two recent college graduates interview for the same job and one sends the interviewee an email thank you and one sends a handwritten note in the mail, who do you think is going to get the job? The answer is simple, the candidate that sent something postmarked. Why? Because people today are so internet reliant that when a physical piece is receievd it shows that someone is truly going above and beyond. 

See the above picture for a note I send as a thank you note to colleagues of mine. Using something unique and eye catching is a great way to stand out. I've received lots of positive praise on this piece, it's simplicity and message speaks for itself without being anything other the top. I could have easily saved time and money sending such thank you messages via email but sending this instead really puts me in a category all my own. And you should be doing the same, both personally and in business. The next time you sit down at your desk to email, tweet or Facebook an important message to a loved one, friend, colleague or client, think again and do something they'll remember. 

Everyone associates us with doing large scale weddings and events but often times we are called upon to do personal stationary, letterhead, thank you notes and other similar stationary items. The next time you want to stand out among your clients, colleagues or friends let us work on something for you. Letterhead is no longer just a piece of paper with your name and address it has evolved to a personality driven representation of who you are. Let us design something for you!