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Inspiration Series-Golf of Tantawan Bloom


am often asked how I fight through creative block and what inspires me. So, here is an installment of my Inspiration Series. 

I've found that sometimes to break out of a NON-creative funk, it's best I go look at some work of other artists I admire. Being a traditional artist as well, It's fun for me to see what other artists use as their outlet, although I paint, and sketch my primary outlet for my art is through graphics, type and paper.  Sometimes to see how other creative minds put out their ideas, and the creations they create will jostle my own creative juices.

For this installment I chose Golf Srithamrong of Tantawan Bloom out of NYC! I recently worked with Golf on wedding we did in October together at Gotham Hall and his and his teams designs truly took my breath away. As you can see in the photos pictured below Golf is not afraid to do much of anything with flowers and he definitely takes the art of floral design to the next level. His versatility continues to amaze me. He can do a traditional centerpiece design for a Martha Stewart-esk Bride and then completely shift focus and do something so imaginative and modern for the cutting edge Bride. His reputation preceeds him and he was even named "The Orchid King of New York" by New York Magazine. To say his talent inspires me would be an understatement. His use of color, texture, and unusual floral variety pairings really expresses his love for what he does and it shows. Enjoy the images and may his work inspire you in the future! (to see some of his amazing creations from the wedding we did together in October. Click here for part 1. Click here for part 2.)