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Inspiration Series-Lisa Stoner of E-Events Design!

I am often asked how I fight through creative block and what inspires me. So, here is an installment of my Inspiration Series to start the new year off right! 

I've found that sometimes to break out of a NON-creative funk, it's best I go look at some work of other artists I admire. Being a traditional artist as well, It's fun for me to see what other artists use as their outlet, although I paint, and sketch my primary outlet for my art is through graphics, type and paper.  Sometimes to see how other creative minds put out their ideas, and the creations they create will jostle my own creative juices.

Thanks to Abby Liga, Damon Tucci, Garrett Nudd, Jen Larson, Rhette Pyle, Mark Pennington and Thom Larussa
For this post I chose Lisa Stoner, of E Events. I am lucky to not only call Lisa a good friend, but to work with her on regular basis.  Her work is inspiring and trend setting. She has a style that is un-rivaled and all her own. Her eye for details makes every event she touches classy and spectacular in every way. Not only is she amazing in her professional life, but in her personal life as well, she has 2 wonderful daughters, and one of them I'm sure will be the first woman president. (and I'm being serious!) Just proving further how inspirational she truly is. Take in some of the beautiful imagery below from some of the events she has designed!

You can see what I mean about the eye for details. Romance is carried through, even in the cute heart shaped pat of butter!

 Whether it's transforming an existing venue or creating a venue in great wide open with a tent. Lisa really knows how to pull it all together.

 One of my favorite things that is evident in Lisa's work is the use of the ORGANIC.. She takes, natures most beautiful textures, colors and shapes and incorporates them in her events with modern flair.

If you aren't familiar with Lisa Stoner, of E Events, then it has been my pleasure introducing you to her. If you are familiar with her, then you understand why she is inspiring.