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Inspiration Series-Liga Photography!

I am often asked how I fight through creative block and what inspires me. So, here is an installment of my Inspiration Series. 

I've found that sometimes to break out of a NON-creative funk, it's best I go look at some work of other artists I admire. Being a traditional artist as well, It's fun for me to see what other artists use as their outlet, although I paint, and sketch my primary outlet for my art is through graphics, type and paper.  Sometimes to see how other creative minds put out their ideas, and the creations they create will jostle my own creative juices.

So today I want to share with you, one of my favorite places to go and be inspired. Liga Photography...And Luckily for me, I don't have to go very far. Abby is a close friend of mine as well as she trusts me to handle all of her marketing and branding, and I trust her to photograph all of my work. So if you've visited my blog before you'll know Abby shoot's all of my stationery and products. She even lends her creative eye, imagery and style to our joint stationery line Paper Couture Stationery. 
With work like her's it's easy to be inspired to create great marketing and advertising pieces. And I can tell you that because I have access to all of her images for her marketing efforts, she is an AMAZING TALENT. I can assure you, she isn't one of those photographers that shoots thousands of images, to pull a few strong ones. Everything she shoots is strong, emotional and thought provoking. Whether the subject is Weddings, Engagement, Corporate or just something that personally fulfills her, her images always make a statement.  (pictured above is the striking cover of her presentation brochure I designed. Of course the beautiful image really brings it home how talented she really is)

This is one of my favorite Engagement Shoots she has ever done. The style of the couple is mirrored in Abby's thoughtful placement of props and subject. The true naturalistic environment lends to the natural and easy going feeling of the couple, and Abby's genuine love for LOVE is evident as she captures the spontaneous and intimate moments of the couple.

I am obsessed with details, and I love these images above Abby captured while traveling around France. You can still see her passion for great moments in time... even without human subjects. 

And of course, something she is particularity good at is Weddings. If you are in the market for a wedding photographer- you couldn't go wrong if you choose Abby. As you can see she brings an emotion to her client's day that will live on for years to come. (above is a recent wedding of Miss Liga's. Visit her BLOG to see more. Below is a page out of her presentation piece)