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Inspiration Series-Maggie Austin Cake!

I am often asked how I fight through creative block and what inspires me. So, I've decided to write an Inspiration Series each week I will try to write a few things about what inspires me.

I've found that sometimes to break out of a NON-creative funk, it's best I go look at some work of other artists I admire. Being a traditional artist as well, It's fun for me to see what other artists use as their outlet, although I paint, and sketch my primary outlet for my art is through graphics, type and paper.  Sometimes to see how other creative minds put out their ideas, and the creations they create will jostle my own creative juices.

So today I want to share with you, one of my favorite places to go and be inspired. Maggie Austin Cake. Her cakes are amazing, and I am so excited to share her with you.

She can make a gorgeous- SIMPLE white cake. And I'm sure as simple as they may look, they probably come from a complex design production process.

And use texture, like I've never seen before. Anyone who knows me will tell you that I LOVE LOVE LOVE texture, and Maggie Austin Cake is AMAZING at use of Texture.

 Hand-Painted Goodness!!  OH MY!! I love love love this hand painting work. This is so inspiring to me, because although I am a trained traditional artist, sometimes I get caught up in the graphic side of things, and forget that I have the hand talent to incorporate into my work. These cakes remind me that hand painting is GORGEOUS!!!

Here use of Bright Bold Colors is inspires me to think outside the box! Especially when I get 4 brides in the same season with the same color palette!

And look at these amazing details. Pieces of sculpture in their own right.

And finally, she makes these AMAZING hand painted cookie.. In the painted styles of traditional art. Impressionist, Bauhaus, Art Nouveau and Botanical.