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Be Unique, Be out of the Box!

Every bride that comes to me says the same thing, 'I want to be different and OUT OF THE BOX, I don't want my wedding stationery to be boring.'

So I decided to write a blog with this concept in mind, how do you make your Wedding Stationery unique and different?  Well here are some tips.

UNIQUE SIZE AND SHAPE: Have your stationery company create something that isn't the standard shape, or size. Whether it's your Save the Date, Invitation, or pieces of your Reception Collateral, different sizes and shapes can really give your stationery an added wow factor!

DOES Invitation and Wedding Collateral HAVE TO BE PAPER?: Now, don't get me wrong, I LOVE LOVE LOVE paper. Some who know me would say I'm addicted! (and I wouldn't disagree) However, it's always fun to use Paper as the compliment to some other element to WOW your guests. See some of the pieces below.
This was a fun project.. Did you know that Breathalyzer tests in their infancy involved a balloon? Well I didn't until I did research for this Stock the Bar, Housewarming Party. The invite required guests instead of bringing a housewarming gift, to bring a bottle of something to help stock their bar.  What a fun idea. So we followed with the invite, The invite was a balloon attached to and insert card. All the details were on the balloon once you blew it up!
This was an amazing table number. The wedding was all about pearls, so instead of a standard Square or Rectangular piece of cover stock with a number, we used a glass vase, filled it with pearls and wooden numbers that had been pearlized with paint!
  This is also very fun!! Try sending food!! Of course make sure it's food that won't spoil to much, in this case, we sent nuts, pop corn, dates and ritz crackers! It was a hit, nothing better than receiving snacks in the mail!
 Don't want to use paper? Try Fabric! This invitation was unique and beautiful Printed Fabric with Satin Ribbon edges.  
 Here is another fun one.. Want something different.  How about a video invitation?  In this great invitation, a video invite was created and we presented it with paper as the accent in this great organic natural pocket!

USE TEXTURE: Another great way to be unique is to use Texture and embellishments when you can. Texture and use of interesting elements that aren't "NORMAL" for invitations always are a wow for the guests.
 Using different textures can really bring the WOW to your guests. Textured AND colored paper is always a wow.. Adding Lace, ribbon and crystals bring depth and excitement, Also seen above, we took silk flowers and guilded them in metallic silver. It really brought drama to the invitations. Lastly, incorporating different colored and textured paper with elements like Raffia and Wood, also can bring life to any ordinary stationery set.

Make 2D into 3D: Do something unique, think outside the box, incorporate a 3-dimensional gift with your invitation, make your place cards stand out by placing them on the wine glass at the setting, protect your invitation or card from the BIG BAD Post office, with an origami hand made box.