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Guest Blog by Anna Cakes!

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So anyone who knows me knows. I LOVE LOVE LOVE cake.. And it's not really that I like eating cake, I don't have much of a sweet tooth, but I am obsessed with Cake Design. It has really come along way from throwing eggs and flour together and putting the mix in a round pan.

So on that note, I asked the Amazing Anna Hightower of Anna Cakes to Guest Blog on some of the hottest trends in cakes! See her at work below! And read her thoughts on some of the hottest trends in cakes! (PS ALL CAKES ARE ANNAS WORK-- if you are a photographer and you haven't been credited I apologize, please comment and I'll make sure I make the proper edits to give you credit!!)

I have to say this is quickly becoming one of my favorite designs! Letting the spatula marks fall as they may, this unpretentiously-iced cake is the epitome of simple elegance. No fuss, no fondant...just tiers of delicious buttercream frosting, and a few fresh flowers are all you need to make this design pop!

PS..if you are into the simple white cake without the messy spatula marks- check out this cake below.

Modern cakes are getting daring in both shape and composition. We have gotten a lot of requests lately for a particular cake that is comprised of various sized square tiers, stacked in a way that almost seems to defy gravity! Guests are amazed by these intricate wedding cake "structures". It becomes the focal point of the entire reception.

I always say I am going to start an album on my site called, "When bad toppers happen to good cakes." LOL. A topper can definitely make or break a wedding cake. I have arrived at a venue on several occasions and been so disappointed when I saw the topper awaiting me on the cake table. I try to encourage brides to choose something unique. It doesn't always have to be a made-for-cake topper. Veils, Brooches, hand-made paper or clay crafts, even a photo of the couple can be used to make a statement. Your cake topper can become an amazing keepsake from the wedding itself, and possibly even a family heirloom! 

Gone is the standard white wedding cake. My motto with flavors is anything goes! I offer a different flavor for each tier, at no extra cost, so my clients really feel free to be creative. Try coconut cake with guava filling for the top tier. Mix it up with a lemon and pineapple middle tier, and top it off with a devil's food chocolate cake, with peanut butter buttercream filling for the bottom. Your guests will rave about your cake flavors for years to come.

Lately you see a lot of bridal magazines boasting the retro-modern wedding cake. These cakes typically have bright colors, and play up on the graphic patterns -- circles, rings, repeated diamonds or triangles. Think wallpaper and textiles -- you can find amazing wedding cake inspiration in the prints and patterns all around you!  

I really enjoy when a wedding theme lends itself to a bright, colorful wedding cake. It is exciting to get out of the routine of white on white on white, and mix it up with color and texture. Sculpted rosettes, mimicking fabrics, different colors for each tier -- as long as you have a repeating element with each layer, the cake will have a cohesive, tasteful look, while still being adventurous. 

The cupcake tower is a popular trend with a dual purpose. Not only is it more cost effective than your average wedding cake, but it also saves your caterer loads of cake cutting/serving time. Depending on the venue, this can also save you the dreaded "cake cutting fee". Cupcakes are a hip new craze that add a light-heartedness to your reception. Nothing gets your guests more excited than walking by and smelling that vanilla frosting cloud that surrounds the cupcake display. Just make sure they wait until after cake cutting to help themselves!


Hand-painted cakes add an extra special touch to your wedding. Although you will be limited on your icing choice, as this is a technique that can only be achieved with fondant-covered cakes. Not every bakery can produce this level of art work, so be sure and review portfolios and choose wisely. This technique requires quite a bit of time and detail, so the cost is reflective...but the impact is worth every penny! 

I hope you enjoyed this blog! I know I did, and a special thanks to Anna Hightower of Anna Cakes for her time and effort to help us put this together.