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Favorite Trends! Guest Blog Collaboration.

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This is something I've been wanting to blog about for a while, but I knew if I was left to my own devices it would be about stationery ONLY!! So, I enlisted the help of Alexandra Calvet from CCH Weddings to collaborate with me and below are some of our favorite trends happening this year!
Thanks to all who contributed! And thanks to Alex for helping me put this together!

1. KEEP IT CLASSY A classic staple has made its way into the modern weddings of today. GREY is the New Black. Grooms are opting for change, gone is the traditional black tux. Also Bow ties are making a come back to replace the tie. Bow ties come in an array of colors and patterns, which the groomsmen will enjoy picking. Mixing and Matching different bow ties for the groomsmen is also adding some artistic flair to the grooms style.  photography by: Elizabeth Leighton Photography  2.THE NON-TRADITIONAL CENTERPIECE Some interesting tablescapes are breaking through this year. It's all about shaking up the traditional. A lot of Floral Designers are working with brides to create unified variety. Creating a few different UNIQUE Centerpieces and putting them throughout the reception. This way each table has it's own unique style, and your reception is filled with variety! photography by: Liga Photography — floral by Avant-Gardensplanning & design by Jennifer Schwatz with Anje Soirees   3. ICE COLD Candy bars are on their way out and ice cream bars are coming in! Martini glasses, ice cream cones and gourmet ice cream, you can’t go wrong with this fun idea. Instead of putting candy in a bag, you can now use it as a topping on your yummy ice cream. photography by Jeff Hawkins Photography 4. COLOR YOUR GOWN GORGEOUS Vera Wang’s new 2012 collection is full of color! Brides are getting away from the traditional white and choosing blush colors with lots of texture. If colors are too bold for you, PLATINUM is the new black! It's every, it's chic and classic. 5. BALLOONS AREN'T JUST FOR BIRTHDAY PARTIES ANYMORE Martha Stewart Weddings  just featured this wedding with this simple modern design. One thing that stood out to me, was how they used these white classic balloons for the centerpiece and table numbers. BRILLIANT!  What a classically modern way to handle balloons. Be careful- using this trend could lead you down the 5th Grader Birthday Party Look, but if you use the image above as a guide, you can't go wrong! 6. BRIGHT BOLD COLORS This floral from OnceWed shows that brides aren't afraid to take risks this year! The brighter, the bolder, the better! 7. SIMPLE ARTISTIC STATMENTS Cakes this year seem to be dialing down. I LOVE IT.. This Simple Understated, yet IMPACTFUL cake from Maggie Austin Cake will blow your guests away. Simple does NOT mean boring, and this cake just proves it. 8. SMALL BITES Keep your guest dancing the night away by ditching the sit down dinner. This year weddings will take a modern twist on catering. RSVP reply cards with food preference will not be needed because heavy bite sized hors d’oeuvres are the new trend to keep guests full, yet light on their feet!  photography by: Liga Photography