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Drumroll Please..........Favorite Fridays is here again. And this week, my friend and amazing florist  LEE FORREST. Okay let's forget the fact that he has the most perfect name ever for the business he is in. His work is AMAZING!!. We finally just recently got to work together on a Bridal Shower, and of course his contribution was nothing short of AMAZING.

Check out some of his work below and learn about him from the Q & A! You can't go wrong showcasing his beautiful designs at any event you are throwing.

Why did you decide to become a floral designer? 

I’ve always loved flowers—it’s the first thing I can ever remember wanting to be when I was five years old.  Even then, we knew that I had the creative gene, so to speak.  LOL!  Forty years later, here I am! 

How did you get started? 

I worked with other top designers in Louisville and Indianapolis before moving to Orlando in 1997.  When I finally decided that this would be my permanent home, I started building my business from home on the side, while working a day job with another well-known designer in town.  Eventually, my clientele base and my reputation grew enough that I could support myself with my own business.  When the business overtook my little one bedroom apartment near Lake Eola, I moved into my current storefront location.  We could definitely use more space, but we have also kept our overhead low and that has been crucial to our being able to survive these economic times and keeping our prices as low as possible to our clients.  We are considered higher-end, but we are also budget friendly. 


NOTE: this is the event we worked on together, and let me just say he took the invitations I designed and created these beautiful arrangements to further develop the concept we all were working so hard to create. 

Why are these your favorite designs? 

I love anything that is non-traditional and edgey.  Using wire, concrete blocks and other unexpected elements is another way for me to be creative and stand apart from my colleagues, but still maintaining sophistication and elegance.  Even people with discriminating traditional tastes find our work interesting.  Wire, especially, has kind of become a signature look for us.  

If a bride has an unlimited budget, what should she spend most of her money on?  

A good photographer—to capture your special day so that you can remember it for the rest of your life.  In fifty years to come--the food is gone, the flowers are gone, the music is gone—and the only thing  a bride will have to show for her wedding are her pictures---and a little old wrinkled man.   Pictures are SO important!  

Lee and his team will not let you down, I have just showcased only a FEW of the amazing pieces he has created over the years!