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It is that time again.. Which is hard to believe!  So here we are ready to showcase another one of my FAVORITE and inspiring Talents!

This week..
Jeffrey Stoner - of Jeffrey Stoner Video!!!

As you can see by the candid pics above, Jeffrey has a great sense of humor! He is not only a genius with moving image, but he is a genuine friend, and fellow lover of strange arbitrary movies, (and I think having a bro-mance with my husband over arbitraty music!). We have yet to share a bride, but I'm still trying to figure out how I can get him to make an interesting invitation video.  Check out some of his amazing work below and his comments on the event.  

If you are in need of amazing video for any event, I would hire Jeffrey in a minute. His work speaks for itself. Plus he is the life of the party, and you're guaranteed an interesting evening when he is around.

Erin and David’s stunning New Year’s Eve wedding at the Sarasota Ritz Carlton came to a crescendo at midnight!  In all my years, it was as close to a “perfect” wedding as any I’ve ever shot.  Erin and David were inseparable and clearly, truly in love.  That, more than anything else, leads to a successful wedding documentary.  Of course, the décor, lighting, and surprise snowfall didn’t hurt!.  I produced this “teaser” clip for them the day after the wedding.  (vendors for this wedding included E-Events, Garrett Nudd, Beautiful Music, Dale Dees, and of course the Sarasota Ritz Carlton)

I just knew that Tanya and Carl would be ideal clients – they are very easy to photograph!  All smiles and beautiful emotion.  With some clients, the joy of their day is infectious and somehow makes even me feel a part of the proceedings – that was certainly the case with Tanya and Carl. I was so proud when footage from this wedding was featured heavily in a recent news story on WKMG for the “Just Cause” charity, and it went on to become the most-viewed clip I’ve ever hosted online!  (vendors for this wedding included E-Events, JR Sterling, and the Ritz Carlton Orlando Grande Lakes)