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Playground Magazine!

Amy2 Comments

I am so excited to announce that here at The 2u Collection we have become contributors to Playground Magazine. I have been working furiously with Heather Reneau and Chrissy Allen to get the Winter 09 issue out. Thank Goodness Apple invented Ichat. Heather and I have been Video chatting, audio chatting, text chatting and even sharing screens! It has been a whirl wind month! And we've had lots of fun. And let me tell you we've even seen each other looking scary before coffee and a toothbrush! As you can tell by the picture above.. The night before the magazine goes to print is really a push, and appearance has no priority!! :) And Heather wants to stab herself sometimes too!

To all the ladies I've been working with at Playground, I am having so much fun — and am so excited to being a contributing Art Director. The issue comes out next week.. And there are all kinds of amazing things happening to and in this issue. I'm not going to give anything away. You'll have to wait and see. Be sure to Pick it up and check it out!