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Summer of Recognition!

I am so excited for all the things happening right now! It's been a rough start of the year with the economy and people everywhere cutting back. This is why it means so much to me that some of my fellow colleagues have gone out of their way to recognize me and all the hard work I put in here at The 2u Collection. Anyone who knows me knows that I do this because I not only love it but it is a part of me, like breathing. Without this creative outlet, you might just find me in a corner somewhere talking to my self :) Anyway.. Enough of that.. Check out some of the blogs I've been mentioned on this summer!!

In My Shoes by Lisa Konency of E-Events Design
If you haven't read this blog, by all means add it to your list.. She is stylish, innovative and I hope one day that work I do is admired as hers is.

Savvy Scoop-OneWed's Bridal Blog
Another Blog I love to check out! Lots of information about every aspect weddings, from the engagment to the wedding hangover.

Tickled Pink Brides-
Written by Brittany Sobering of Tinkled Pink! Wedding & Event Planning.. She give great tips on not only how to plan your wedding, but how to be unique and give it a flare just your own.

I hope you enjoy checking these blogs out!!