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Website Teaser!

Amy2 Comments

I'll make this short. It's a teaser afterall! Heather and I have been working tirelessly on our new website design. As most of you know, when you do something for a living, your own get's ignored.. Ummmm.. The plumber with leaky pipes, and the roofer who get's wet when it rains.. Well, sometimes i get so caught up and excited in my client work that it's easy to put my own stuff off.. So the current website is a victim.. It was put up over a year ago in a weekend rush. Finally, Heather and I have spent the time to feel proud and excited about our own voice to the public. We will get to showcase all of the great work that we are proud of that we have accomplished in the last 6-8 months! April 15th is the Launch date! But in the meantime.. here is a teaser of the new home page!

Hope you like!