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In the Garden.. Robyn & Andrew will Wed!


So this one is close to my heart! I am not only excited about this invitation because the project has been fun and Fabulous, but the Bride and Groom are close to my heart! Robyn Thomas and Andrew Dixon have been great friends of my husband and I for the last 4 or 5 years. In fact, I was the one who said all along they would end up together, and with my husband's persuasive game of Elimidate.. The rest is history..

This project has been fun and I'm so proud of it for several reasons! I get to work with one of my closest friends, she pretty much let my imagination go wild, and it challenged me in more ways than one. And of course I'm getting to work with the amazing Lisa Konecny of E-events.. What more could I ask for! (and special thanks to Abby Liga of Liga Photography for once again making my work look amazing! Heather, I haven't forgotten you either, without you these crazy ideas of mine would be dead in the water!)

The Wedding will take place on February 28th, so I have to keep alot of things we are doing secret until after the wedding, but I can share with you the invitations and save the dates!

They are having a small affair of about 75 people to their home to get married in their English Garden! So the invitations needed to reflect both Robyn's style and Andrew's English heritage. So off I went, with pretty much no other guidelines than that.. Robyn, for that I thank you.. A designers dream..

So off I went, with Classic White Linen Paper, English Rose Accent Paper, And Pastel Green Linen Envelopes.. So far so good.. Then I found this amazing ribbon, sheer, with leaves and flowers imprinted on it in this perfect earthly green color.. And let's not forget the Antiqued Brass Rose Button, that I used as an embellishment! It's all coming together now.. So after I spent some time with.. It all became clear, and Photographed below is the result.. We've had great feedback and both Robyn and Andrew loved both the Save the Dates, and Invitations!

Again, this is just a teaser, there are a few other innovative things I've tried for this wedding that I've never done before, and the result.. I must say I'm proud of myself for pulling it off. But MUMMS the word.. I can keep a secret, be sure March 1st I will blog first thing, with images and details from the reception and post wedding collaterall!