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HAPPY 2009!

After a whirlwind Holiday Season, I'm finally sitting down to get you all caught up. So First off I want to thank all of you who were supportive of The 2u Collection in 2008.. It was an exciting year of growth and learning. Not only did I get to meet some of the best people as both clients and friends, but the 2u portfolio of Custom Design and Paper Products grew and is now a more rounded comprehensive collection!

There are lots of exciting things coming up in 2009, and I hope you all continue to follow and support us as we take some of these ventures on..Here are a few teasers for what we have coming up this year!

This year we are so pleased to announce that Heather Campbell who has been with us as an intern for all of 08' will join us at 2u as staff member. She is amazing and has been invaluable to me in the past year as the work came. Not only is she a talented designer but a busy little production elf when the deadlines approach.

Also, coming up in February we will be participating in a Valentine's Day Trunk Show at Lavish Boutique. Be sure to come and check it out, there will be great gifts for your sweetie, husband or wife. There will be another post on this soon with all the details.. If you want to be on the invitation list please email me amy@2ucollection.com.

And my last teaser I have to give you is we at 2u will be launching a new website this year.. Hopefully by end of first quarter, (but don't shoot me if it's a little later than that!) We did so many innovative and creative things in 2008, and finally had the time to further develop our Brand. We can't wait to share them with you. And think a re-vamp of our website is just the way! And of course quick props to Abby Liga of Liga Photography-- she shoots all of our product and we get so many compliments on how great our images look, we wouldn't leave her out.. The new website photography will of course be done by Abby.

Here's to a Successful 2009 for us all. Stay tuned, and be sure to check back to see what we are up to!