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Welcome to my new blog!

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Okay! Well, I've finally given in.. I'm going to blog! I never really thought I'd be a blogger, or even read a blog, but since twitter that all changed! Lisa from E-Events, told me all about Twitter, and the next thing you know... I'm an addict! How does this happen? What makes me compelled to share silly thoughts that pass through my mind with you? Who knows, and I'm sure sometimes you all wish I'd keep some of these thoughts to myself!! HA! Anyway.. So this is it.. The 2u Collection official blog!

I hope you visit often to see what's new at 2u, because this is where I will share all the exciting news and upcoming projects that I am working on! Stay tuned.. I'll blog like a crazy person for the next few days to get you all caught up on the latest happenings!

Oh- and a special thanks to Lisa Konecny for bringing me to the dark side!!