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So Another Long over-due Post, Like i said yesterday, I'm going to blog like a crazy person to get caught up over the summer's exciting happenings!

Abby Liga gets props for this, because without her singing my praise this probably never would have happened! So thanks to Abby for introducing me to
Kelly Sofia Covert of Ines Del Mar Weddings. After seeing some of the invitations that have come from 2u, She asked me to design the invitations and menus for a December wedding on the horizon. The wedding from what I can tell so far is going to be Totally Sheik!! Black, Silver and Ostrich feathers.. Need I say more!

Some of this stuff is still in the wo
rks, but here is a sneak peak of the concepts!! Of course props to Liga Photography for the beautiful photography..

If I haven't said it be
fore Abby rocks!! She Photographs all of my Invitations and makes them look Fabulous!! So if I haven't mentioned that before...