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Collini Graduation was a huge Success!!


So This is long overdue-- one of my favorite clients and favorite projects of the summer was the Collini Graduation Project. Susan trusts my creative mind and let's me go.. even when the ideas are a little out there. Her son Joe Collini graduated High School this year, and they were going to celebrate with a Poolside Extravaganza.. Being Pennsylvania makes it a bit hard to sell the whole, Summer Fun at the Beach idea, but we wanted to give it a try anyway!

These invitations were a large project, from the wood-grained paper, to the Handmade Surfboards embellishments-- made by the creative John Beck- to the personalized Thank You's. Each part of the project was personal, fun and creative! The guests loved them, and Susan got all kinds of calls of excitement the day they arrived in guests' mail boxes!

A little side note- John Beck was amazing. I found him on Etsy, and described what my mind had conjured up! He did not disappoint. He created what I described, and not only was it reminiscent of the 50s surf culture, it was lightweight enough to compliment the paper! Thanks John..

A couple more shout outs! Heather Campbell, Intern here at 2u-- was also invaluable! Without her help this project just wouldn't have happened. And her production work is so tight.. Sometimes she shows me up.. :)

And of course Susan Collini, Thank you for trusting us at The 2u Collection help create the look and feel of Joe's send of into the real world!