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In today's media crazed society, how do you get your products to stand out? From billboards and commercials to Facebook and emails, we are constantly being exposed to media, in every aspect of our lives.

Here at 2u Creative we are constantly sharing with each other, YouTube videos and ads that impress us. Some of our current favorites fall into the category of "Prankvertisements", which are pranks that companies set up and film to demonstrate or emphasize their products. Most of these are strictly social media ads providing an easy way for everyone to share with friends. This new trend in advertising is extremely unique and creative. Here are some of our favorites!


The Telekinetic Coffee Shop Surprise

- This prank was set up to promote the 2013 remake of the film Carrie. Absolutely genius!!


Old Spice Body Spray

- The below photo was recently found in Facebook feeds. After viewing an ad for "The Push Up Man Shirt", an "Internet-ervention"from Old Spice begins. 

Mock Ad for The Push Up Man Shirt

Commercial for Old Spice Body Spray


Toys"R"Us Field Trip

- A busload of kids think they are getting ready to go on a boring field trip when they are surprised with a trip to kid heaven, Toys"R"Us. 


Nivea Deodorant Stress Test

- A fairly elaborate prank to sell some deodorant, but clever nonetheless. 

Major brands are beginning to use this approach as they realize how powerful "Prank-vertisments" are at generating social media buzz. Keep your eyes out for who will "prank" you next!