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Global Robotics Institute - Napa Valley Conference


We are always flattered when an existing client is so impressed by our work, that they feel confidence in referring us to their partners, collaborators, and extended contacts.  Such is the case with the Florida Hospital Global Robotics Institute who came to us by way of Dr. Vipul Patel.  We have been working with Patel throughout this past year and you may have seen blog posts of our previous projects. It is with great appreciation that we begin working with the Global Robotics Institute, most recently we would like to highlight a piece that we created for their 2012 Napa Valley Conference.

Aware that the conference was of high educational and collaborative basis, our goal was to build a complete, clear, and concise package of information for those professionals attending.  We began with a comprehensive pre-registration brochure that would highlight the nature of the program, educational objectives, daily agenda, faculty attendees, and all necessary travel information.  To finish, this would also act as the invite and official registration form for the conference itself.

For the actual conference, the brochure was translated into a quick-read format and broken down into 4 folder inserts for easy reference and accessibility.  A clean and simple 2-pocket folder was designed for basic organization, and finished the conference material for attendees.

Special thanks to Lawton Printers for bringing our designs to life!  Their execution is always flawless and they are no stranger to producing polished pieces, even under pressure.  We have partnered with them for years and would consider no other.