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What are you blogging for?

I am a firm believer that blogging is key to keeping yourself relevant within any industry. Consumers are becoming more reliant on companies' abilities to blog and share via social networks than they are print advertisements and website content. In today's society you can't survive as a company by relying on one form of marketing. Obviously everyone's business is different. Some companies client base comes heavily from word of mouth recommendations while others have completely web based clientele. Whichever category you fall in to it's important to cross market yourself. Make sure people have heard from you online as well as from others. 

The reason blogging is so important is because it allows you as the business owner to be relatable. We all like doing business with people we know. There's a level of comfort involved with doing business with someone you know. The satisfaction of getting to know someone takes your working relationship to the next level. Sometimes the personal connections you make with people is what makes your professional relationship so valuable. Once people become fans of your work they want to see it continually, so show them! If you have a recent project you're particularly proud of then you need to be blogging it! Be confident and stand behind your work, when people see you're fully convinced your work is great they'll start to agree. 

It's also great to blog on topics that are in your expertise. Sharing ideas, articles, experiences, successes and failures is what makes us all better both as individuals and professionals. And that's what blogging is all about. Sharing your personal insights into your industry. Your blog should be often and relevant. Make you are writing something people will want to carve out time to sit down and read. Blogging is your opportunity to make your company really yours. I hear everyday from clients that they want their brand's logo to be so unique and the wording on their website has to be so different from that of their competitors. However, they never think to carry that desire for originality through to their blog which if attended to correctly could be one of their greatest assets. Make sure you are spending time with your blog because it is one of the most effective ways clients can associate with you. 

Photo credits from megamoneyblog.com