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International Prostate Cancer Foundation Educates

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Prostate cancer is constantly in the news. Well known figures, Warren Buffett and Ryan O'Neal were both just recently diagnosed which led me to realize there is a need for awareness which is what led me to do this post. 

One of our clients held a symposium in March to educate patients and families on the treatment options available to them regarding their battle with prostate cancer. The International Prostate Cancer Foundation's Education Symposium was held at The Waldorf Astoria Bonnet Creek. Speakers educating on topics such as Genetics, Diet and Exercise Prevention, Treatment Options and Life after Surgery are just a few from the days' itinerary. Prostate cancer is a growing disease and with these awareness efforts hopefully more lives will be saved and men can begin diagnosing their cancer early. 

For more information on the Education Symposium please visit the IPCF website where you can view live videos from each speaker. The International Prostate Cancer Foundation website also has a dedicated area titled 'About Prostate Cancer' where you will find information regarding; Understanding the Cancer, Risk Factors, Myths, Prevention, Early Diagnosis and Ongoing Research. I love being part of such a great cause. I get to work on projects I'm passionate about and the goals of my clients will benefit so many! Please visit the website and help us in the battle against prostate cancer.