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Congratulations. 5,000 surgeries and counting!

Congratulations to Dr. Vipul Patel. This week he completed his 5,000th prostatectomy. 

Dr. Vipul Patel is the founder and chairman of the International Prostate Cancer Foundation (IPCF). His experience in the management of prostate cancer patients has lead him to form this foundation as a further extension of his worldwide efforts. The clinical management of patients on a daily basis has its limits on breadth. However, the foundation will allow a more widespread and global impact and help the lives of more men afflicted with the disease worldwide.

We are proud to have him as a client, and excited for this milestone!!  He is saving lives...to hear it from the survivors mouths  Visit the survivor testimonial section of the new website!
The team here at 2u Creative currently working on a new site for the Foundation! Click here for a sneak peek. Bare with us, not everything is fully functional yet!!

International Prostate Cancer Foundation